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2012 Archives http://www.dbacksvenom.com/table/2012-articles/august/ Fri, 18 Aug 2017 01:10:21 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Possible September Callups for the Diamondbacks http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/possible-september-callups-for-the-diamondbacks.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/possible-september-callups-for-the-diamondbacks.html After losing their sixth consecutive game on Wednesday afternoon, the Diamondbacks chances of making the postseason have just about disappeared - Coolstandings.com has the Diamondbacks with a 3% chance of making the playoffs, and Baseball Prospectus has the probability at just 1%. If this had been a six game winning streak instead of a six game losing streak, the Diamondbacks would have been tied with the Dodgers and right in the thick of the playoff hunt. But six straight losses means that the playoffs are almost certainly out, and maybe it's time to look ahead to the 2013 season.  On Saturday, September 1, rosters can expand, and any player on the 40-Man roster can be added to the Major League club.  Who are some potential callups for the Diamondbacks? One complication is that both the AAA Reno team and the AA Mobile team should make the playoffs in their leagues, so that will delay some callups for a week or so.

Players Who Will Be Added to the Major League Roster on September 1:
SS Willie Bloomquist, RHP Josh Collmenter, RHP Takashi Saito
All three players are on the Major League Disabled List right now, but will be activated once rosters expand, assuming they are healthy. Collmenter threw 4 IP in a Rookie League game on Tuesday, and says he will be ready to go on Saturday. Bloomquist also played in a Rookie League game on Tuesday, and will be activated if his back continues to feels OK. Saito has been on the DL since August 14 with a hamstring injury, but is expected to pitch in a minor league game this week.

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DIamondbacks Acquire RHP Matt Lindstrom for Joe Saunders http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-acquire-rhp-matt-lindstrom-for-joe-saunders.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-acquire-rhp-matt-lindstrom-for-joe-saunders.html On Sunday, the Diamondbacks traded 31-year-old LHP Joe Saunders for hard-throwing right hander Matt Lindstrom. Saunders had pitched 3 years for the Diamondbacks since being acquired in the Dan Haren trade, and had basically done his job - throwing a lot of innings with an ERA slightly better than league average. More importantly, his presence in the rotation allowed the team to give prospects Trevor Bauer and Tyler Skaggs a much-needed season in AAA instead of rushing them to the Majors. The Diamondbacks will go with a rotation of Ian Kennedy, Wade Miley, Trevor Cahill, Patrick Corbin, and Tyler Skaggs to finish the 2012 season.

The 32 year-old Lindstrom becomes another hard-thrower in the Diamondbacks' bullpen. He has experience as a closer, with 45 career saves, but has actually pitched better as a set-up man over the last two seasons.

Year Age Tm W L SV IP ERA WHIP HR/9 BB/9 SO/9
2007 27 FLA 3 4 0 67.0 3.09 1.30 0.3 2.8 8.3
2008 28 FLA 3 3 5 57.1 3.14 1.45 0.2 4.1 6.8
2009 29 FLA 2 1 15 47.1 5.89 1.65 1.0 4.6 7.4
2010 30 HOU 2 5 23 53.1 4.39 1.65 0.8 3.4 7.3
2011 31 COL 2 2 2 54.0 3.00 1.22 0.5 2.3 6.0
2012 32 BAL 1 0 0 36.1 2.72 1.29 0.5 3.0 7.4
6 Yrs TOT 13 15 45 315.1 3.68 1.42 0.5 3.3 7.2

Over the last two years, Lindstrom has significantly lowered his ERA and WHIP, due primarily to better control. His fastball velocity has dropped a little, from an average of 97.6 mph in his rookie year of 2007 to around 95.0 this year, but that would still make his fastball the fastest on the team, just ahead of David Hernandez (94.7) and newcomer Matt Albers (93.4).  Lindstrom gets a good percentage of ground balls (career 47.4 GB%), and does not allow many home runs (career 0.51 HR/9). His career Swinging Strike percentage is a solid 10.3%, which is similar to that of J.J. Putz (11.8%) and David Hernandez (10.0%).

Although Lindstrom is 32 years old, his arm has fewer pitches on it than most pitchers his age, because he took a two-year sabbatical from 1999-2001 as a missionary in Sweden. He started his minor league career at the age of 22, but had hardly touched a baseball in the preceding two years.

Lindstrom makes $3.6M this year, and has a $4M club option for 2013, which is a lot to pay for a set-up man, (with a $0.2M buyout). The Diamondbacks will probably decline the option, but may try to negotiate a new deal for the next year or two.

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A Closer Look at New Class A SS Sean Jamieson http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/a-closer-look-at-new-class-a-ss-sean-jamieson.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/a-closer-look-at-new-class-a-ss-sean-jamieson.html The Diamondbacks traded veteran shortstop Stephen Drew to the Oakland A's for Class A shortstop Sean Jamieson. Since returning from last year's ankle injury, Drew has hit .193/.290/.311 in 155 PA, with 2 HR and 12 RBI. Drew has a salary of $7.75M for this year (about $2M remaining for 2012), plus a team option of $10M with a $1.35M buyout. So by trading Drew, the Diamondbacks will save around $3.26M.  Ken Rosenthal has posted that the A's are on the hook for all of this money. The Diamondbacks will now go with a combination of Willie Bloomquist (.720 OPS), Jake Elmore (.742 OPS), and John McDonald (.726 OPS) for the rest of the season.

The player that the Diamondbacks received, 23 year old Sean Jamieson, is not considered much of a prospect. Jamieson was drafted in the 17th Round of the 2011 draft out of Canisius College, and was currently playing for Burlington in the Midwest League. 

2011 22 Vermont A- 316 39 61 3 21 27/5 37 53 .235 .350 .312 0.661
2012 23 Burlington A 540 71 105 10 49 25/5 64 92 .234 .343 .379 0.721

He's shown good speed, with 25 stolen bases in 30 attempts this year, and a little bit of power, with 10 home runs and 25 doubles. The strikeouts are a little high for someone with his limited power, but he has drawn a good number of walks, ranking 4th in the Midwest League with 64. A right-handed batter, he has hit equally well against right-handed (.700 OPS) and left-handed (.698 OPS) pitchers. Defensively, he has been solid at SS, and should be able to stick at the position. 

Jamieson is probably too old to be considered a serious prospect, but he does do some things well - speed, defense, and some power and walks. He's a long shot, but at least he has some skills. As for trading Drew, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Diamondbacks are throwing in the towel for the year. Drew hasn't been playing well anyway, so there won't be a big drop-off going to the Bloomquist/Elmore/McDonald combination. Of course, as Drew gets more playing time, he may start returning to the career .773 OPS hitter with good defense that he was before this season.  

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How are the Diamondbacks' 2012 Draft Picks Doing? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/how-are-the-diamondbacks-2012-draft-picks-doing.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/how-are-the-diamondbacks-2012-draft-picks-doing.html Most of the Diamondbacks' 2012 draft picks now have around 30-40 games under their belts. Unlike 2011, when the Diamondbacks had 2 of the first 7 picks (Trevor Bauer and Archie Bradley), there are no players from the 2012 draft who are on a fast track to the Majors, but there are several that are off to good starts in the Minors. Let's take a look at how the 2012 draftees are doing so far.

1. Stryker Trahan (18), C (AZL) - 40 G, .289/.440/.481, 4 HR, 24 RBI, 36BB/37K
The Diamondbacks' first round pick has hit well, and most importantly, has stuck at Catcher in the Arizona Rookie League. He has shown great plate discipline, with 36 walks in 39 games, and ranks 7th in the League in OBP. He has hit very well against RHP (.954 OPS), and has held his own against LHP (.882 OPS, despite a .237 AVG). Defensively, he has 10 errors in 32 games, and has thrown out only 12 of 56 basestealers (21%), but the organization still thinks he has a future as a Catcher. 

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Diamondbacks Sign Former UCLA-Commit Felipe Perez http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-sign-former-ucla-commit-felipe-perez.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-sign-former-ucla-commit-felipe-perez.html The Los Angeles Times has reported today that the Diamondbacks have signed right-handed pitcher Felipe Perez, who was about to begin his freshman season at UCLA. Perez was rated as the #129 Draft Prospect by Baseball America heading into the June draft, and was projected to have the talent to go in the first five rounds.  But signability concerns caused him to go undrafted - in fact, he was BA's highest rated player to go undrafted. The collective bargaining agreement classified Perez as a free agent since he was not drafted, and the Diamondbacks signed him for $400,000.

Perez pitched for a small high school, Fairmont Prep, in Anaheim, CA, and did not face very strong competition. In just 48.1 IP, he struck out 89 batters while walking only 7.  Scouts say he has excellent character, and is very bright. His fastball is in the 88-91 mph range, with good projection for increased velocity. Perez already has good command with his fastball, and he has a promising curveball and changeup.

The Diamondbacks were $113,500 under budget for their 2012 Bonus Pool Spending, prior to the Perez signing. Any amount over $100K counts against the pool, so by signing Perez for $400K, $300K counts towards the bonus pool. The Diamondbacks are now $187K over the pool, but that is OK. Teams that exceed the bonus pool by 5% would lose their 1st round pick in 2013, but the team stayed below that amount by $4415.  The Diamondbacks will just have to pay a 75% fine for the amount they exceeded their cap, which comes out to a penalty of around $140K. Not a bad price to pay to get another top talent into the farm system.

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Is it Time for the Diamondbacks to Call Up Tyler Skaggs? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/is-it-time-for-the-diamondbacks-to-call-up-tyler-skaggs.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/is-it-time-for-the-diamondbacks-to-call-up-tyler-skaggs.html Tyler Skaggs has been pitching extremely well for AAA Reno, giving up just 4 ER in his last 40.2 IP, for an ERA of just 0.89 over the last month. In eight starts in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League, he has allowed 1 ER or less in 7 of his 8 outings. Overall, Skaggs has a 9-5 record with a 2.38 ERA between AA and AAA, with very good strikeout (8.6K/9) and walk rates (2.7 BB/9). He has been very effective against right-handed hitters (.231/.287/.331, .618 OPS in 332 PA), and solid against lefties (.261/.323/.395, .718 OPS in 131 PA).  Skaggs has been keeping the ball on the ground (42.3% GB rate), and keeping it in the yard (0.80 HR/9). So Skaggs is doing pretty much all he can to earn a promotion to the Majors - but is there a spot for him on the Major League roster?

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Diamondbacks Lead the League in Bad Offensive Games http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-lead-the-league-in-bad-offensive-games.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2012-articles/august/diamondbacks-lead-the-league-in-bad-offensive-games.html The 2012 Diamondbacks have pretty solid overall offensive numbers, ranking 5th in the National League in Runs per Game with 4.49 R/G, and the team ranks 5th in OPS+ at 97 and 6th in wRC+ at 96. But despite decent overall numbers, what has really hurt the Diamondbacks has been the high number of low scoring games by the team's offense.  The Diamondbacks now have a league-leading 28 games in which they have scored just 0 or 1 run. 

TEAM Games with 0 or 1 Run
ARI 28
HOU 27
CHC 27
MIA 26
SD 24
PIT 24
PHI 22
MIL 21
LAD 18
SFG 18
CIN 18
WAS 17
ATL 16
COL 16
NYM 14
STL 11
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