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2011 Archives http://www.dbacksvenom.com/table/2011-articles/june/ Wed, 26 Jul 2017 00:37:20 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Diamondbacks Release Melvin Mora - Why This Should Have Already Happened http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/diamondbacks-release-melvin-mora-why-this-should-have-already-happened.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/diamondbacks-release-melvin-mora-why-this-should-have-already-happened.html After today’s game, D’Backs manager Kirk Gibson announced that the team has released 3B Melvin Mora.  Mora was hitting to a line of .228/.244/.276. He had only garnered 16 plate appearances since June 10 (collecting merely three hits in that span), so this move does little to affect the team on the field.  What it does do, however, is give a 25th roster spot to someone who has earned it.  This move has been a long time coming; too long.  The Diamondbacks should have made this move weeks ago, when it became apparent that Mora was not the starting third baseman.

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How Good is the Diamondbacks' Offense Away from Home? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/how-good-is-the-diamondbacks-offense-away-from-home.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/how-good-is-the-diamondbacks-offense-away-from-home.html There is no question that Chase Field is a park that favors hitters, and the Diamondbacks' hitters have clearly received a boost by playing half of their games there. But the perception has been that the team hits well at home, but struggles on the road. With 80 games of the season now complete, and exactly 40 games played at home and 40 on the road, let's take a look at the splits at this point of the season.

Let's start with the NL stats at home, through games of Monday, June 27th.  

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The Tigers Roar, and Take Two of Three http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/the-tigers-roar-and-take-two-of-three.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/the-tigers-roar-and-take-two-of-three.html Considering the Tigers may have the best pitcher and best hitter in the game in Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera, it seems odd that they started the series a game behind the Cleveland Indians.  Both of those men would play a part in the outcome of the two Tigers’ wins, and both showed why they make Major League Baseball their playground.  But the rules say that other people wearing that Old English D have to play as well, so how would the Arizona Diamondbacks fare against Verlander, Cabrera, and the rest of the Detroit Tigers?  Read the recaps below.

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Royal Beatdown - D'Backs Sweep Three Game Set in KC http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/royal-beatdown-dbacks-sweep-three-game-set-in-kc.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/royal-beatdown-dbacks-sweep-three-game-set-in-kc.html After a very disappointing homestand where the D’Backs lost 4 of 6, they hit the road, where thus far they have had an even .500 mark (17-17).  This Kansas City Royals team is not like the Royals teams of old: the youth movement has arrived.  Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas are highly touted prospects in the best farm system in baseball, and they would match up against the Diamondback pitchers.  Two years ago this series would draw a “who cares?” from national viewers but this year even MLB Network aired a game of this series.  How exactly did these two young teams play each game?  Find out below.

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Diamondbacks are on Pace for 89 Wins; a 24 Game Jump from 2010 http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/diamondbacks-are-on-pace-for-89-wins-a-24-game-jump-from-2010.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/diamondbacks-are-on-pace-for-89-wins-a-24-game-jump-from-2010.html After Wednesday's 3-2 win over Kansas City, the Arizona Diamondbacks are now 41-34. That puts them on pace for an 89-73 record, 24 games better than 2010's 65-97 record. That 24 game improvement ties them with the Pittsburgh Pirates for the biggest in the National League.  Here are the current improvements for each NL team:

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Paul Goldschmidt eliminated in 2nd Round of Southern League Home Run Derby http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/paul-goldschmidt-eliminated-in-2nd-round-of-southern-league-home-run-derby.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/paul-goldschmidt-eliminated-in-2nd-round-of-southern-league-home-run-derby.html On Monday, the night before the Southern League All-Star Game, the league held its annual Home Run Derby. The favorite was Mobile first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who leads all minor leaguers with 22 HR this season. Unfortunately, Goldschmidt was eliminated by Chattanooga's Kyle Russell in the second round of the competition. Players were given 8 "outs" (any non-HR is considered an out) in the First Round, and then 6 in the Second Round and in the Finals. Goldschmidt hit 2 HR in the first round, finishing in a three-way tie with Christian Marrero (Birmingham) and Ryan Flaherty (Tennessee). Goldschmidt won the swing-off between the three to advance to the Second Round, but then lost a swing-off to Russell. From the news articles, it is not clear how many HR the two players hit in the second round.  Russell eventually lost in the Finals to Luke Montz of the Jacksonville Suns, who finished the contest with 16 HR over the three rounds. Montz, age 27, is currently second in the Southern League in HR with 15.

The Southern League All-Star Game is set for Tuesday night, and the Diamondbacks' Mobile affiliate will have 7 representatives. Starting for the South Team will be Goldschmidt and outfielders Ollie Linton and A.J. Pollock, while SS Taylor Harbin, OF Marc Krauss, and SPs Wes Roemer and Patrick Corbin will be reserves. The starting pitcher for the South will be Montgomery's Matt Moore, who just threw a no-hitter against the Bay Bears last week, and Jarrett Grube of Jackson will start for the North.

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The Diamondbacks call up Wily Mo Pena to Provide Power at the DH Position http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/the-diamondbacks-call-up-wily-mo-pena-to-provide-power-at-the-dh-position.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/the-diamondbacks-call-up-wily-mo-pena-to-provide-power-at-the-dh-position.html <strong><a target=
The Diamondbacks called up 29 year old LF Wily Mo Pena from AAA Reno on Sunday night, and outrighted 3B Sean Burroughs back to AAA. Even in the inflated offensive conditions of the Pacific Coast League, Pena has put up some pretty incredible batting numbers this year - .363/.439/.726, with 21 HR and 63 RBI in 63 Games. Pena is first in the league in HR and RBI, and third in OPS and SLG. What can we expect from Pena as a Diamondback in 2011?

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Series Recap: Southside Chicago vs. Southside Phoenix http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/series-recap-southside-chicago-vs-southside-phoenix.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/series-recap-southside-chicago-vs-southside-phoenix.html With the White Sox visiting Phoenix for only the second time ever, the Sox bring with them many players familiar with the Valley.  Right fielder Carlos Quentin and closer Sergio Santos were former first round picks by the Snakes.  Designated hitter Adam Dunn was a rental for the playoff chase in 2008.  Friday’s starter Edwin Jackson was a member of the 2010 starting rotation.  Jackson was later traded for Daniel Hudson, making an intriguing pitching matchup.  The D’Backs were 4-2 against the White Sox in history and 3-0 against the American League this year.  How would they do this weekend?

aztigers2436@yahoo.com (Justin Emerson) June Mon, 20 Jun 2011 05:20:10 +0000
Series Recap - In a "Giant" Series, D'Backs Come Out With One Win http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/series-recap-in-a-qgiantq-series-dbacks-come-out-with-one-win.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/series-recap-in-a-qgiantq-series-dbacks-come-out-with-one-win.html The Giants were here, and now was the chance for the D’Backs to strike.  They entered the series a mere ½ game back, in position to assert themselves as serious contenders in the NL West.  “The Freak” Tim Lincecum did not pitch, but that didn’t mean the D’Backs had an easy draw.  Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, and Ryan Vogelsong awaited.  Through the first two games, the D’Backs showed why the Giants are in first place, but managed to regain respectability in the finale.  Overall, a tremendously exciting series, and if this is any indication, these two teams will be in a dogfight until the end of September.

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Top 5 - Prospects Waiting For Their Debut http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/top-5-prospects-waiting-for-their-debut.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/june/top-5-prospects-waiting-for-their-debut.html This list excludes players who have already played in the majors this season (Barry Enright, Kam Mickolio, etc.) or have previously made their major league debut (Wily Mo Pena, Daniel Stange, etc.).  I instead decided to focus on players who have not yet played a game in the Majors, and it just happens that none of them are on the 40-man roster.  The D'Backs currently have only 38 men on their 40-man, so they could call up one these players if needed.  So here are the Top 5 minor leaguers who could make their debut this year, ordered from least likely to most likely to be seen at some point this season.

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