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2011 Archives http://www.dbacksvenom.com/table/2011-articles/august/ Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:33:18 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Diamondbacks Roster Expansion - Who might get called up on Friday? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-roster-expansion-who-might-get-called-up-on-friday.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-roster-expansion-who-might-get-called-up-on-friday.html Everything has been going right for the Diamondbacks over the last nine days, but the team can always use some extra options for the bench and the bullpen. Teams are allowed to expand their rosters after September 1st, so expect some additions for the start of the weekend series in San Francisco. However, since both AAA Reno and AA Mobile will be in their league playoffs next week, the team's options might be restricted. But the Major League team always get priority if they think they really need a minor leaguer.

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Diamondbacks Select 6 Players for the Arizona Fall League http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-select-6-players-for-the-arizona-fall-league.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-select-6-players-for-the-arizona-fall-league.html The Arizona Diamondbacks have announced the six players, 3 pitchers and 3 position players, who will play for the Salt River Rafters in the 2011 Arizona Fall League. The three pitchers are RHP Charles Brewer (23), RHP Eric Smith (23), and RHP Bryan Woodall (25). Brewer and Woodall have spent the season with AA Mobile in the Southern League, while Smith pitched for Visalia in the High A California League. The three position players are OF Adam Eaton (22), 3B Ryan Wheeler (23), and 2B David Nick (21). Eaton and Wheeler have also played for the AA Bay Bears, while Nick has been with Visalia.

Among the pitchers, Brewer is probably the highest rated prospect, but he has missed most of the season with a broken wrist. He recently rejoined Mobile and has made three solid starts with them, allowing 2 ER in 13.2 IP while striking out 16. Woodall has pitched in relief for Mobile, and has a line of 4-4, 3.50 ERA,  3 Saves, 64K/17BB in 61.2 IP. Smith has struggled with his control in Visalia this year, with a 6.11 ERA and 101K/79BB in 147.1 IP.

The three position players all show considerable promise. After a disappointing .748 OPS in 2010, Wheeler has rebounded to hit .294/.360/.471 (.831 OPS) in Mobile. Eaton has done a tremendous job of getting on base, with a .436 OBP between Visalia and Mobile. His season includes 140 Hits, 72 Walks, and 23 HBP, for an overall line of .317/.436/.459.  Eaton also has 13 assists in the outfield. David Nick has also rebounded from a poor 2010 season (.684 OPS) to hit .304/.348/.454 (.802 OPS) in 2011. He is one of the organization's few legitimate 2B prospects. 

The 2011 Arizona Fall League Season will start on October 4, 2011.

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Archie Bradley to Missoula; Charles Brewer will pitch in AFL http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/archie-bradley-to-missoula-charles-brewer-will-pitch-in-afl.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/archie-bradley-to-missoula-charles-brewer-will-pitch-in-afl.html Updates on four of the Diamondbacks' many outstanding pitching prospects, Archie Bradley, Charles Brewer, Andrew Chafin, and Anthony Meo. Bradley was the #7 overall pick in the June draft, and has been pitching at the club's complex in Arizona since signing a pro contract two weeks ago. Tonight, Bradley tweeted that there has been a change of plans, and that he is heading to Missoula to pitch for the D'Backs affiliate in the Pioneer League, the Missoula Osprey.  The Osprey have ten regular season games left, and then will play in the Pioneer League playoffs, since they finished in 1st Place in the North Division during the season's first half. It's not clear if Bradley will pitch as a starter or in relief at this time, but it is worth noting that the Osprey only have three starters with an ERA below 4.00 - Taylor Siemens, Jesse Darrah, and Raymond Hernandez (David's younger brother). So the Osprey could certainly use another starting pitcher. At the same time, it is unlikely that Bradley will be ready to throw more than just a couple of innings in his first few appearances.

Meanwhile, it was also broken on Twitter that right-hander Charles Brewer will pitch in the Arizona Fall League later this year. Brewer has just returned from a broken hand, and has had three solid outings with the AA Mobile Bay Bears. Brewer has allowed just 2 ER in 13.2 IP, while striking out 16 and walking 10. Since Brewer missed so much time during the regular season, he's a natural choice to pitch in the AFL. The rest of the Diamondbacks' roster (usually 6 players) should be announced later this week.

2011 1st Round Supplemental  Andrew Chafin (Kent State) made his pro debut on Sunday in the Arizona Summer League. Chafin pitched one scoreless inning, allowing one double and hitting one batter while striking out two. 2011 2nd Round pick Anthony Meo (Coastal Carolina) made a successful pro debut in the Arizona Summer League on Monday night. Meo pitched 1 IP, allowing no baserunners while striking out two. Both Chafin and Meo are expected to join Archie Bradley in Missoula for the Osprey's final two weeks.

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Diamondbacks Taking a Gamble by Trading for Aaron Hill and John McDonald http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-taking-a-gamble-by-trading-for-aaron-hill-and-john-mcdonald.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-taking-a-gamble-by-trading-for-aaron-hill-and-john-mcdonald.html The Diamondbacks made a surprising trade on Tuesday, sending 2B Kelly Johnson to the Blue Jays for 2B Aaron Hill and SS John McDonald.  The team was clearly losing faith in Johnson, as his average had slipped to .209 and he led the team in strikeouts with 132 in 481 PA (27.4%). Replacing him at 2B will be Aaron Hill, who has had an even worse offensive year than Johnson so far. GM Kevin Towers said that Hill and Johnson are similar players. "If you looked at Kelly, it was kind of a peaks-and-valley-type guy, you just didn't know year to year what you were going to get. [Hill] is a guy that makes probably more contact, a guy that will probably give you a better [at-bat], and knowing that the power has been there before and at his age, the power can come back. You go into a ballpark like ours, most guys' numbers do improve once they go to the National League -- especially leaving the AL East. I think there's a chance his numbers can spike a little bit. We're not looking for this guy to carry this ballclub on his shoulders right now."

Coming over with Hill will be John McDonald, who is an outstanding defensive shortstop, but has also struggled with the bat.  McDonald is a key part of the trade, according to GM Kevin Towers and Manager Kirk Gibson.  "One of the things we didn't like was to put that much activity on Willie Bloomquist at shortstop," said D-backs manager Kirk Gibson. "We were already playing him too much. [McDonald is a] very good defender at shortstop, he's a very spirited, fiery guy." Gibson knows McDonald well, since Gibson was a coach in Detroit while McDonald played there.  Let's take a closer look at the three players involved in the trade.

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The Best Starting Rotation in the Minors? Has to be the Mobile Bay Bears http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/the-best-starting-rotation-in-the-minors-has-to-be-the-mobile-bay-bears.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/the-best-starting-rotation-in-the-minors-has-to-be-the-mobile-bay-bears.html While the Arizona Diamondbacks are clinging to a one game lead over the Giants, many Diamondbacks' fans are also keeping a close eye on the games of the Mobile Bay Bears, because the Diamondbacks' AA club has the best starting rotation in the Minor Leagues right now.  The starting staff for Mobile consists of Trevor Bauer, Jarrod Parker, Tyler Skaggs, Patrick Corbin, and Charles Brewer - the first three are all consensus Top 50 prospects in all of the Minors, while Corbin and Brewer are both highly regarded in a very deep farm system. Let's take a closer look at the Mobile staff, as welll as a look around baseball at other possible contenders for the title of Best Minor League Starting Rotation.

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Is Justin Upton the NL MVP? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/is-justin-upton-the-nl-mvp.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/is-justin-upton-the-nl-mvp.html Over the past few weeks, sportswriters everywhere have been speculating on who will win the Division, the Wild Card, the World Series, the Cy Young, etc.  Then comes the MVP talk.  For Diamondbacks fans, MVP has never been a big topic of discussion.  Not since 2001 in Luis Gonzalez have they had a legitimate contender for baseball’s most prestigious award, and he wasn’t even really close (some guy named Bonds won).  But this year is different.  This year we have Justin Upton.  What Justin Upton has done this year, carrying the team on his back, has been remarkable.  Unfortunately, other people have had good years thus far as well.  Looking among the opinions of writers, there are four real contenders: Upton, Los Angeles’ Matt Kemp, and the Milwaukee duo Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.  So who is the NL MVP?

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Diamondbacks are the Only Organization With Division Leaders at the Major League, AAA, and AA Levels http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-are-the-only-organization-with-division-leaders-at-the-major-league-aaa-and-aa-levels.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-are-the-only-organization-with-division-leaders-at-the-major-league-aaa-and-aa-levels.html Not only are the Arizona Diamondbacks holding onto a 2.5 game lead in the NL West, but the organization's AAA and AA affiliates are holding onto 1st place in their leagues too. That makes the Diamondbacks the only franchise in the Majors with division leaders at all three levels.  In AAA, the Reno Aces are 67-58, and 4.5 games ahead of the Tacome Rainiers, while in AA, the Mobile Bay Bears are 74-48 and have a commanding 11.5 game lead over the second place Jacksonville Suns. The overall record of the Diamondbacks' top three teams is 210-161, a .566 winning percentage, putting them just slightly behind the Rangers (.574) and Phillies (.573) for the best upper level winning percentage in baseball.

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The Diamondbacks Sign Archie Bradley - How Fast Can He Rise Through the Minors? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-sign-archie-bradley-how-fast-can-he-rise-through-the-minors.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-sign-archie-bradley-how-fast-can-he-rise-through-the-minors.html As expected, the Diamondbacks signed 1st Round pick (#7 Overall) Archie Bradley. What was a little surprising is that Bradley signed for only $5M, even less than the $5.25M that the Dodgers paid to Zach Lee last year. Like Lee, Bradley had a Divisin I college football scholarship to play QB, and like Lee, his contract is a "two-sport" contract, which allows the money to be split over 5 years.  There are two main reasons for these two-sport deals:
1) It allows teams to spend more money, since the player has the additional leverage of a college football offer.
2) By spreading the money over 5 years, the player is less likely to quit baseball after one season (with all of the bonus money) and go back to football.

We discussed the great talents of Archie Bradley in a previous article - Draft Recap. Now that he has signed, how quickly can Diamondbacks' fans expect to see Bradley in the Majors? As we did with the Trevor Bauer signing last week, let's look at how quickly recent drafted high school pitchers have risen through the Minors.

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Will Trevor Bauer be that Rare Player Who Goes from the Draft to the Majors in the Same Season? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/will-trevor-bauer-be-that-rare-player-who-goes-from-draft-to-the-majors-in-the-same-season.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/will-trevor-bauer-be-that-rare-player-who-goes-from-draft-to-the-majors-in-the-same-season.html Along with the thrill of the Diamondbacks moving into first place in the NL West this week, Diamondbacks' fans have another exciting development to follow right now - the progress of 1st Round pick Trevor Bauer. Bauer was the #3 overall selection in the June 2011 draft, was the first of the Top 9 picks to sign, and is still the only one of the Top 9 picks currently playing in the Minor Leagues. Bauer has now made three appearances for Class A Visalia in the California League, and his performance so far has fans wondering if a promotion to AA, or even to the Majors, is coming soon.

Here are Bauer's stats through his first three appearances in Visalia:

7/30 0 0 0.00 1 2.0 1 0 0 0 1 3 2.00 .143
8/4 0 1 6.00 1 3.0 2 2 2 1 3 6 3.00 .167
8/9 0 0 2.25 1 4.0 4 1 1 0 0 8 1.00 .250
Totals 0 1 3.00 3 9.0 7 3 3 1 4 17 1.75 .200
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Diamondbacks Continue to Make Errors on the Bases http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-continue-to-make-errors-on-the-bases.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2011-articles/august/diamondbacks-continue-to-make-errors-on-the-bases.html In the top of 3rd inning in Wednesday's series finale with the Giants, the Diamondbacks had runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs when Willie Bloomquist was picked off at 2nd to end the inning. Right after that, the Giants strung together four straight singles to open up a 4-0 lead and put the game away. Bloomquist's baserunning error may have swung the momentum to the Giants, and more importantly, it continued a disturbing tendency of the D'Backs to give away outs on the bases. The team is noted for being aggressive on the basepaths, but do the Diamondbacks need to ease up a little? Right now, they lead the NL in Caught Stealing, Runners Picked Off, and are third in Outs Made on the Bases. Here are some of the numbers, through games of August 2 (not even including today's mistakes).

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