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2010 Archives http://www.dbacksvenom.com/table/2010-articles/july/ Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:31:49 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Diamondbacks Trading Away Chad Qualls and Chris Snyder http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-trading-away-chad-qualls-and-chris-snyder.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-trading-away-chad-qualls-and-chris-snyder.html Chad Qualls to the Tampa Bay Rays for a Player To Be Named Later, with the understanding that the Rays will pick up the remainder of Qualls' salary for the year (around $1.5M). The player coming back is not expected to be a top prospect. Catcher Chris Snyder will be sent to the Pirates, pending league approval. Snyder is due to make $5.75M in 2011, so the Diamondbacks will be sending some cash to the Pirates to help cover Snyder's salary. Edit: The Diamondbacks will get three veteran players - OF Ryan Church, IF Bobby Crosby, and RP D.J. Carrasco. Church (.182/.240/.312 in 2010, career .264/.336/.429) could see some playing time in the OF, while Crosby (.224/.301/.295 in 2010, career .237/.305/.373) will battle Tony Abreu and Augie Ojeda for backup playing time in the infield. Crosby could also serve as insurance if Kelly Johnson or Stephen Drew is traded. D.J. Carrasco is a passable middle reliever, with a 3.88 ERA and 1.293 WHIP. He's striking out 7.3 batters per 9 IP while walking 3.6 per 9 innings. The Diamondbacks are sending AAA SS Pedro Ciriaco to the Pirates. Ciriaco played in the Futures Game this year, but hasn't shown any kind of bat in the minors. He has a 253/.278/.392 line in the PCL this year, and a career .303 OBP in the minors.]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) July Sat, 31 Jul 2010 07:22:16 +0000 A look at the newest Diamondbacks - Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/a-look-at-the-newest-diamondbacks-daniel-hudson-and-david-holmberg.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/a-look-at-the-newest-diamondbacks-daniel-hudson-and-david-holmberg.html Edwin Jackson to the White Sox for two minor leaguers - 23 year old right-hander Daniel Hudson (Ranked #3 in the White Sox system by Baseball America) and 19 year old left-hander David Holmberg (Ranked #8). Jackson was due to make $8.35M in 2011 and would have been a free agent after that season, so it makes sense for the Diamondbacks to trade him for younger, cheaper players.  Hudson is expected to join the Diamondbacks right away, and should be the scheduled starter on Monday night. Daniel Hudson, 6-4, 220, RHP, Age 23
Level Year W L ERA WHIP IP H/9 BB/9 K/9 HR/9
AAA 2010 11 4 3.47 1.20 93.1 7.8 3.0 10.4 1.3
Split 2009 14 5 2.32 0.94 147.1 6.4 2.1 10.1 0.3
Career 30 13 2.90 1.05 310.1 6.9 2.5 10.6 0.7
Hudson was drafted in 2008 in the 5th Round out of Old Dominion University. In 2009, he pulled off the remarkable feat of pitching at five different levels, rising from A Ball to High A, AA, AAA, and the Majors all in one season. He excelled at every level of the minors in 2009, striking out over a batter per inning, and allowing very few hits, walks, or homers. Since he had only made five starts in AAA in 2009, the White Sox sent him back there in 2010, where he has spent most of this season. He was called up in July to the Majors, where he made three starts with the White Sox - one good and two mediocre. Scouts are split on Hudson's upside in the majors. Some view him as a solid mid-rotation starter, while others think he will wind up in the bullpen.  He has a naturally deceptive motion, and throws a variety of pitches. His fastball is in the 91-93 mph range, a good changeup that leads to a lot of strikeouts, and also mixes in a slider and a slow curve.  A nice write-up on Hudson's stuff can be found at Project Prospect. One potential concern about Hudson is that left-handers have been able to elevate his pitches. In 2010 at AAA, right-handed batters have hit .206 against Hudson, with a 49% Ground Ball rate and a 37% Fly Ball rate. But lefties have hit .249 with 33% GB and 36% FB rates. David Holmberg, 6-4, 220, LHP
Year W L ERA WHIP IP H/9 BB/9 K/9 HR/9
Appy 2010 1 1 4.46 1.51 40.1 11.6 2.0 6.5 0.4
Pioneer 2009 2 2 4.72 1.45 40.0 9.0 4.0 8.3 1.1
Career 3 3 4.59 1.48 80.1 10.3 3.0 7.4 0.8
Holmberg was drafted in the second round of the 2009 draft out of high school in Florida. He had planned to attend the University of Florida, but decided to sign with the White Sox out of high school. He doesn't have great velocity, with a fastball sitting around 90 mph, but Holmberg has great secondary pitches for such a young player. Both his curveball and change-up are rated as plus pitches. Despite the relative lack of velocity on his fastball, his fastball has good movement. In his brief time in the minors, he has had a 2:1 GB/FB ratio. Many scouts have raised concerns about Holmberg's conditioning, with many describing his body as "pear-shaped."  But most feel that he will gain velocity as he matures, and some have compared him to a young Brett Anderson or David Wells.  This year, Holmberg has been pitching in the Pioneer League for Great Falls, so the Diamondbacks have had a few chances to see him in person.  He's a long way from the Majors, but shows a lot of polish for such a young pitcher.]]>
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What can the Diamondbacks expect from Joe Saunders? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/what-can-the-diamondbacks-expect-from-joe-saunders.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/what-can-the-diamondbacks-expect-from-joe-saunders.html Dan Haren trade that is likely to contribute at the major league level in 2010 is Joe Saunders, the 29 year old left-handed starting pitcher. This is Saunders' fifth season at the major league level, and he has compiled a gaudy 54-32 record with the Angels. While Diamondbacks' GM Jerry DiPoto compared Saunders' wins and winning percentage favorably to Roy Halladay, I don't think anyone really believes Saunders is close to Halladay's level as a pitcher. Let's start with a look at Saunders' traditional stats over his career.
2005 24 0 0 .000 7.71 1.500 2 9.1 10 8 3 4 4
2006 25 7 3 .700 4.71 1.415 13 70.2 71 37 6 29 51
2007 26 8 5 .615 4.44 1.519 18 107.1 129 53 11 34 69
2008 27 17 7 .708 3.41 1.212 31 198.0 187 75 21 53 103
2009 28 16 7 .696 4.60 1.430 31 186.0 202 95 29 64 101
2010 29 6 10 .375 4.62 1.492 20 120.2 135 62 14 45 64
Career 54 32 .628 4.29 1.392 115 692.0 734 330 84 229 392
Looking at these stats, we see that Saunders had his lowest ERA in 2008, and won 17 games that year, as well as 16 in 2009.  His ERA has been in the mid-4's in every season except for 2008 (ignoring the two games in 2005).  2008 was also the year with the lowest WHIP by far.  So what happened in 2008 to give Saunders such a good season, and how did Saunders happen to win so many games in 2009 despite a 4.62 ERA?  Let's look at some more advanced stats for Saunders:
Year ERA FIP xFIP K/9 BB/9 HR/9 BABIP LOB% Run Support W L
2006 4.71 4.08 4.33 6.50 3.69 0.76 .305 63.7% 5.84 7 3
2007 4.44 4.26 4.52 5.79 2.85 0.92 .336 72.7% 5.29 8 5
2008 3.41 4.36 4.65 4.68 2.41 0.95 .267 75.7% 4.52 17 7
2009 4.60 5.17 4.80 4.89 3.10 1.40 .290 73.5% 6.55 16 7
2010 4.62 4.70 4.94 4.77 3.36 1.04 .305 68.8% 3.94 6 10
Career 4.29 4.64 4.69 5.10 2.98 1.09 .294 71.8%
Looking at these stats, we see that Saunders' FIP (Fielding Independent ERA, which is based on strikeout, walk, and home run rates) has been pretty consistent over the years, although it has been increasing over his career. Looking at xFIP, which uses average home run rates rather than the actual rate, we see a similar increase throughout Saunders' career.  Both FIP and xFIP have been shown to be better predictors of future ERA than ERA itself.  What happened in 2008, when Saunders had his lowest ERA and WHIP? His BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) was only .267, much lower than his usual career rate and much below the league average of around .305.  Also, his LOB% (Left on Base, or Strand Rate) was at a career high at 75.7%, so the runners on base were not coming around to score. Not surprisingly, Saunders was not able to duplicate these BABIP and LOB% rates, and he has never had an ERA or WHIP as low as 2008. On the surface, Saunders' 2009 season, where he went 16-7, looks like another good season. But his peripheral stats, especially his home run rate, were very poor that year. Therefore, his FIP and xFIP were also pretty bad. So how did he get such a good winning percentage in 2009? Run Support. That year, Saunders received an average of 6.55 runs from the Angels in the games he started. In fact, there were eight times that Saunders received over 9 runs of support - three times with 9, three times with 10, and two times with 11.  The high run support explains how Saunders won 16 games despite the high ERA. Saunders has actually been blessed with good run support throughout his career, except for the low 3.94 runs per game this season, which helps explain his 6-10 record despite the same ERA as 2009. Pitching Repertoire Saunders throws four primary pitches, two types of fastballs, a curve, and a changeup. Both his two-seam and four-seam fastball have a velocity around 90 mph. Saunders' change-up is around 82 mph, and he throws that around 20% of the time. He also has a slow curve that he throws in the mid-70s. Over his career, Saunders has been a little tougher against LHB than RHB - lefties have a .266/.324/.355 line against him, while righties have hit for more power at .278/.336/.450. He is a slight groundball pitcher, with a career GB/FB rate of around 1.27. Salary Saunders will have completed four years of service time after the 2010 season. He was arbitration-eligible during the last offseason, and the Angels offered $3.6M while Saunders asked for $3.85M. The two sides ended up agreeing on a salary of $3.7M before the arbitration hearing. Saunders can go to arbitration again after this year, and will be probably get a salary in the range of $5M in 2011.  How he performs during the next two months will determine if the Diamondbacks will bring him back next year, or if they will non-tender him during him the offseason. Obviously, the team hopes that he pitches well down the stretch, and that he becomes a solid #3 starter next year behind Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson. Summary So what should the Diamondbacks expect from Joe Saunders? His FIP and xFIP have been fairly steady in the mid-to-high 4's, with a slight upward trend. His strikeout rates have never been high, and have slipped below 5K/9 over the last few years, while his walk rates have climbed over 3BB/9. Even his home run rates have climbed over 1.0HR/9. Put it all together, and it probably adds up to an ERA in the high 4's. Maybe the switch to the NL will help a little, but pitching half his games in Chase Field will probably hurt. Saunders has been durable in his career, starting 31 games in both 2008 and 2009, and 20 games already in 2010. He typically goes up to 100-110 pitches per game, but he did throw 126 pitches in his last start with the Angels on July 23rd. He does have two complete games already this year, so he should help give the bullpen some much needed rest. He should get 11 starts the rest of the way - my guess is a 3-4 record, 4.77 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, 66 IP, 36K, 20BB, and 8 HR allowed.]]>
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Diamondbacks better be getting a great PTBNL for Haren http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-better-be-getting-a-great-ptbnl-for-haren.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-better-be-getting-a-great-ptbnl-for-haren.html Dan Haren to the Angels for Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez, Patrick Corbin, and a Player To Be Named Later. This looks like a terrible trade for the Diamondbacks, and is probably just a straight salary dump. Consider:
  • Saunders is just not very good, and is already getting expensive
  • Rodriguez is not a top prospect, is just a so-so reliever in AAA, and is already 25
  • Corbin has some potential, but was around the Angels' 15th best prospect
Joe Saunders, SP (29) - 6-10, 4.62 ERA, 1.492 WHIP, 4.8K/9, 3.4BB/9, 1.0 HR/9 Saunders has an impressive looking 54-32 Win-Loss record in the majors, but that's mainly a function of his run support and not his pitching. He went 16-7 last year despite a 4.60 ERA, because of a whopping 9.44 runs of support per game. With average run support, he would have been a 12-12 pitcher. His Fielding Independent ERA last year was 5.17, and is 4.70 this year. He doesn't strike out many batters (career 5.1K/9), walks too many (career 2.98 BB/9) and gives up his fair share of homers (1.06 HR/9). Plus, Saunders is making $3.7M this year, and will be arbitration-eligible in 2011, where he could easily make over $5M. Rafael Rodriguez, RP (25) - (AAA): 5-3, 3.04 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 5.4K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 0.9 HR/9 Rodriguez has now spent nine seasons in the Angels' farm system, and is now in his 3rd year in AAA. After starting until 2006, Rodriguez has been exclusively a reliever for the last four years, and has had some better results. But with a career strikeout rate of only 5.6K/9 in AAA, it's hard to see Rodriguez ever being a very successful reliever. He could become the 11th or 12th man in the Diamondbacks pen. He has never been ranked among the Angels' top prospects. Patrick Corbin, SP (20) - (High A) - 5-3, 3.88 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 9.5K/9, 2.7BB/9, 1.0 HR/9 Lefthander Corbin was the Angels second round pick in the 2009 draft, #80 overall, out of Chipola College in Florida. He has been striking out some batters in the minors, but his stuff is not considered dominating. His fastball generally sits around 90 mph with some natural tail and sink, and he also has potentially a above-average breaking ball and change-up. He is considered quite polished and athletic, and is expected to move quickly through the minors. It will be interesting to see if Corbin can continue to maintain high strikeout rates as he moves up through the minors. Overall, Corbin has potential, but is certainly not a sure thing. Player To Be Named Later - Who could the PTBNL be? Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall stated that the player is "likely a starter". But really, the Angels don't have anyone available who would make this a great trade for the Diamondbacks. Some speculation is that the PTBNL is 18 year old lefty Tyler Skaggs, the Angels' first round pick, #40 overall, from the 2009 draft. Like Corbin, Skaggs is young and has been striking batters out. But he also very far from the Majors, and has to be considered a wild card at this time. Since Skaggs did not sign with the Angels until last August, he is not eligible to traded until one year passes. The top prospects in the Angels' system are probably 19 year old OF Mike Trout, 22 year old catcher Hank Conger, and 22 year old RHP Garrett Richards, but there is no indication that any of them are coming to the Diamondbacks. Summary - The Diamondbacks had stated that Haren would be traded only if the team was "blown away" by an "A+" offer. It's hard to see how this trade with the Angels fits that description. They traded their best pitcher for a mediocre starter who's about to be expensive, a 25 year old reliever in AAA, and a 20 year old lefthander who was not considered one of the Angels' Top 10 prospects. The Player-to-be-Named-Later is still unknown, but it's doubtful that anyone could swing this trade in the Diamondbacks' favor.  Even if the prospects do happen to pan out, it's still amazing that the Diamondbacks were not able to get more highly regarded players for Haren.  Just a few years ago, they gave up star prospects like Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, and Carlos Gonzalez for Haren, and the return this time is nowhere near that level. It looks like just a simple salary dump, as Haren was due around $30M through 2012, and the Angels have picked up all of his salary.]]>
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What can the Yankees offer for Dan Haren? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/what-can-the-yankees-offer-for-dan-haren.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/what-can-the-yankees-offer-for-dan-haren.html Dan Haren within the next few days. The Diamondbacks have stated that they want starting pitching in return, including one major league ready arm. Some teams that have been mentioned as possible trade partners include the Yankees, Twins, Dodgers, Phillies, Tigers, and Cardinals. Many feel that the Yankees are the leading contenders - here is a look at what the Diamondbacks might get in return for Haren. Yankees Joba Chamberlain, RP (24) - 1-4, 5.66 ERA, 1.597 WHIP, 46K/16BB in 41.1 IP Chamberlain was incredible in his rookie season in 2007, sporting a 0.38 ERA with 34K/6BB in 24 IP. Since then, his ERA has increased to 2.60, 4.75, and now 5.66. Despite the high ERA this year, Chamberlain still has a 2.67 FIP this year, and is still striking out lots of hitters. Jesus Montero, C (20) - (AAA) .274/.348/.462, 10 HR, 43 RBI in 88 G Montero was ranked as the #4 overall prospect by Baseball America, and 31 for the Yankees, mainly for his bat. In 2009, he hit .356/.406/.583 in HiA Tampa followed by .317/.370/.539 in AA Trenton. He is expected to hit for both average and power in the majors, but it's not clear if he can remain at catcher. Many scouts feel that his agility is low, and he will have to move to First Base. Zach McAllister, SP (22)- (AAA) 7-7, 4.93 ERA, 1.485 WHIP, 61K/25BB in 102.1 IP McAllister pitched well at AA last year (7-5, 2.23 ERA), but has struggled in AAA. Baseball America ranked him as the #5 prospect in the Yankee system coming into the season, and said he had the best command in their minor league system. But his stuff is marginal for the majors (fastball around 89-91 mph) and he's unlikely to be more than a back-end innings eater. McAllister's father Steve works for the Diamondbacks organization. Ivan Nova, SP (23) - (AAA) 8-2, 3.06 ERA, 1.307 WHIP, 84K/40B in 111.2 IP Nova is pitching OK for AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, but his career strikeout rate of 6.2K/9 along with 3 BB/9 probably means that he will never be a top-of-the-rotation pitcher. He does a good job of shutting down the Home Run ball, with a career rate of 0.6HR/9. Dellin Betances, SP (22) - (High A) 5-1, 1.60 ERA, 0.844 WHIP, 52K/12BB in 45 IP Betances underwent Tommy John surgery in 2009, but is already back on the mound. He hasn't pitched above High A yet, but has been quite successful so far. Conclusions - Montero and Chamberlain are probably the two best choices among this group, but the Yankees seem unwilling to trade either. When Cliff Lee was on the market, rumors said that the Yankees would not part with Nova or Betances too, but neither of them, or McAllister, should be enough for a pitcher like Dan Haren. Andrew Brackman is another highly-regarded starter, but is already on the 40-Man roster and quite expensive.]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) July Sat, 24 Jul 2010 19:39:12 +0000 Diamondbacks Bullpen starts out 2nd Half with three more rough outings http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-bullpen-starts-out-2nd-half-with-three-more-rough-outings.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-bullpen-starts-out-2nd-half-with-three-more-rough-outings.html Chad Qualls and Esmerling Vaqzuez have had quality appearances. Qualls pitched a scoreless inning with his team already behind 8-5, and Vasquez has made two appearances without any damage. But the bullpen has also seen:
  • Aaron Heilman enter with the bases loaded and issue two walks and a HBP,
  • Jordan Norberto allow three walks and a hit in 0.2 IP
  • Sam Demel charged with 2 ER in 1 IP (but mainly due to poor defense)
  • Blaine Boyer allow 5 hits in 1.1 IP
  • Juan Gutierrez give up 2 ER in 1 IP, including his 12th HR, leading all relievers
As a team, the Diamondbacks' bullpen has now allowed 39 HR, to lead the NL.  They also have the poorest K/BB ratio in the NL, and still have the highest ERA by far. There are still no good options ready in AAA, so the team has little choice but to stick with this group. Were there any bright spots from the first series? Well, the top of the order, with Chris Young, Kelly Johnson, and Justin Upton have all been swinging the bat well. Each homered in the series, and the trio combined for 16 hits in the three games. ]]>
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Josh Collmenter gets win in AA All-Star Game - against his own teammates! http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/josh-collmenter-gets-win-in-aa-all-star-game-against-his-own-teammates.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/josh-collmenter-gets-win-in-aa-all-star-game-against-his-own-teammates.html Joshua Collmenter of the AA Mobile Bay Bears was the winning pitcher for the SL North in the Southern League All Star Game on Monday, even though Mobile is in the Southern division. But the SL North team was short of available pitchers, so Collmenter switched sides and had to pitch against several of his teammates. In his first inning, he retired fellow Mobile teammates Evan Frey and Collin Cowgill while walking catcher Konrad Schmidt. For the game, Collmenter threw two scoreless innings with one hit, one walk, and one strikeout. "It felt almost like a Spring Training exhibition game. But I knew this game was important and I didn't want any of my teammates to get a hit off me," said Collmenter.  Collmenter added, "I felt a little bit like Benedict Arnold."  After completing his two innings, Collmenter high-fived his North teammates and then headed to the clubhouse to change pants and join his South teammates in the other dugout. Mobile pitcher Leyson Septimo also pitched a perfect inning with one strikeout for the South. ]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) July Tue, 13 Jul 2010 20:04:28 +0000 Ranking the Diamondbacks at the All Star Break http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/ranking-the-diamondbacks-at-the-all-star-break.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/ranking-the-diamondbacks-at-the-all-star-break.html Kelly Johnson is still the MVP for the Diamondbacks, leading the team in AVG, OBP, and SLG (among qualified batters). Johnson ranks just ahead of Chris Young, while Saul Rivera ranks last at #38. Since the last team rankings at the end of May, the biggest movers up are Justin Upton, Miguel Montero, Gerardo Parra, and Blaine Boyer. Moving down since the last rankings are Adam LaRoche and Tony Abreu.  Newcomers Barry Enright and Sam Demel are off to promising starts, and are already in the Top 15. It's no surprise that pitchers make up the seven lowest ranked players on the list.
# Last Player Comment
1 1 Kelly Johnson, 2B Leads team in AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS
2 2 Chris Young, CF 15 HR and 17 SB in the first half
3 8 Justin Upton, RF 6 HR and .972 OPS in June
4 4 Stephen Drew, SS .764 OPS and solid defense
5 7 Dan Haren, SP 3.05 ERA over last 8G/56 IP; .392 AVG
6 5 Ian Kennedy, SP Still leads ARI starters in ERA/WHIP
7 6 Mark Reynolds, 3B 20 HR is 5th in NL; 122 Ks is 1st
8 21 Miguel Montero, C .906 OPS after 89 ABs
9 9 Chris Snyder, C 10 HR, .803 OPS builds trade value
10 11 Edwin Jackson, SP Still unlucky? 4.92 ERA despite 4.15 FIP
11 10 Aaron Heilman, RP 3.83 ERA, 3 Svs; held LHB to .620 OPS
12 12 Rodrigo Lopez, SP Still has 4.40 ERA, but only 4.8K/9
13 3 Adam LaRoche, 1B .787 OPS, but has dropped each month
14 - Barry Enright, SP 3.45 ERA through first 3 starts
15 - Sam Demel, RP 3.00 ERA, 11K/2BB; bigger role soon?
16 24 Gerardo Parra, OF Hit .285 with .726 OPS since return
17 18 Rusty Ryal, OF .282 AVG, but 31K/3BB and .709 OPS
18 17 Esmer. Vasquez, RP 4.75 ERA and 33K in 30.1 IP
19 29 Blaine Boyer, RP 2.35 ERA since return from AAA
20 13 Tony Abreu, MI Hit .081 in June; .313 in other months
21 14 Conor Jackson, LF Never found power before trade
22 19 Kris Benson, SP 2 Quality Starts before injury
23 31 Juan Gutierrez, RP 2.08 ERA over last 13 IP; back to closer?
24 16 Leo Rosales, RP Had 7 shutout games until 7 ER + injury
25 20 Cole Gillespie, OF .807 OPS against RHP, .448 vs LHP
26 15 Chad Qualls, CL 8.60 ERA, but 3.48 xFIP; .468 BABIP
27 30 Jord. Norberto, RP No ER in 9 of 10 G, but 7BB in 5.2 IP
28 23 Carlos Rosa, RP Has allowed runs in 8 of 15 games
29 26 Augie Ojeda, MI Only hitting 5 for 40 for the year
30 25 John Hester, C Only hit .188 with .500 OPS in Majors
31 - Ryan Roberts, LF 3 for 17 in limited playing time
32 - Dontrelle Willis, SP 6.85 ERA and 27 BB in 22.1 IP
33 27 Cesar Valdez, RP 7.65 ERA and 1.95 WHIP for year
34 22 Billy Buckner, SP ERA up to 11.08 before trade
35 28 Kevin Mulvey, RP Allowed 7 baserunners in 3 IP;  in AAA
36 32 Bob Howry, RP 6 HR, 17 ER in 14.1 IP; now with Cubs
37 33 Daniel Stange, RP 6 ER and 6 BB in 4 IP; now in AAA
38 34 Saul Rivera, RP ERA of 22.09; 9 ER in 3.2 IP
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Diamondbacks - One Week with New Manager Kirk Gibson http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-one-week-with-new-manager-kirk-gibson.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/diamondbacks-one-week-with-new-manager-kirk-gibson.html
  • Leadoff Hitter Chris Young - After batting in the 6th or 7th slot under A.J. Hinch, Young has batted leadoff in six of the past eight games.  Although Young has been one of the team's best players in 2010, his .326 OBP is second lowest among the regulars, only above Gerardo Parra's .319.  Young does lead the team in Stolen Bases with 16, but most teams have been opting for on-base skills in the leadoff spot rather than just speed.
  • Stephen Drew - With Young batting in the leadoff slot, Drew has usually been dropped to the #7 slot in the order.
  • Starting Pitching - Gibson has used the same five starting pitchers as Hinch - Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Rodrigo Lopez, and Barry Enright. Given the problems that the bullpen has had, Gibson has shown that he's willing to ride his starters; Dan Haren has thrown 121 and 118 pitches in his two starts under Gibson. Kennedy had given up 5 ER in 5 IP against the Cubs, but was sent out to start the 6th inning (where he allowed two more runs).
  • Multiple Innings for Relievers - Gibson has allowed his relief pitchers to throw a second inning if they have had a fairly easy first inning. Aaron Heilman threw both the 8th and 9th inning against the Marlins yesterday, with the team down 3-2. That means that Heilman may not be available for Saturday's game. Sam Demel threw the 8th and 9th in the win on Thursday, even though the team had a 10-4 lead. Juan Gutierrez threw the 7th and 8th against the Cubs on Wednesday with the D'backs behind 5-3.
  • Gerardo Parra - Gibson has said that he will let Parra will see most of the playing time in LF. Parra's defense has been very good, and Gibson says Parra will even get opportunities against situational lefties late in the game. "That's how I was brought along," Gibson said of his own playing career's beginnings. "The other day [Wednesday] when I left him in [against Cubs lefty James Russell], he was looking in the dugout [for reassurance] -- I've been there -- and I said, 'Hey, go get 'em, man.'"
  • Closer - Gibson has not had a Save Opportunity yet, and has also not yet named his closer. "If I told you," he said with a smile to a group of reporters Tuesday, "You guys would hold me to it." Gibson has mentioned that he a lot of confidence in former closer Chad Qualls, but that was before Qualls gave up 3 ER on Wednesday. At this point, Gibson could go to any of Qualls, Heilman, Gutierrez, Demel or Vazquez when a save situation arises. Any pitcher who puts together two or three good outings could easily move into the closer's role.
  • ]]>
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    Manager A.J. Hinch and GM Josh Byrnes Fired http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/manager-a-j-hinch-and-gm-josh-byrnes-fired.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/july/manager-a-j-hinch-and-gm-josh-byrnes-fired.html
  • Traded SP Javier Vazquez for CF Chris Young, RP Luis Vizcaino, and SP Orlando Hernandez - OK
  • Traded 3B Troy Glaus and SS/RP Sergio Santos for 2B Orlando Hudson and SP Miguel Batista - GOOD
  • Traded RP Jason Bulger for 3B Alberto Callaspo - OK
  • Traded RP Brad Halsey for RP Juan Cruz - GOOD
  • Traded SP Garrett Mock and SP Matt Chico for SP Livan Hernandez - GOOD
  • Traded C Johnny Estrada and SP Claudio Vargas for SP Doug Davis and SP Dana Eveland - GOOD
  • Traded SP Ross Ohlendorf and RP Luis Vizcaino for SP Randy Johnson - OK
  • Traded OF Scott Hairston for RP Leo Rosales - BAD
  • Traded OF Carlos Quentin for 1B Chris Carter - BAD
  • Traded 3B Alberto Callaspo for SP Billy Buckner - BAD
  • Traded RP Jose Valverde for RP Chad Qualls, RP Juan Gutierrez and 2B Chris Burke - OK
  • Traded SP Brett Anderson, OF Carlos Gonzalez, 1B Chris Carter, SP Dana Eveland, OF Aaron Cuningham for SP Dan Haren - OK
  • Traded 3B Emilio Bonifacio for RP Jon Rauch - GOOD
  • Traded SP Micah Owings for OF Adam Dunn (rental) - GOOD
  • Traded RP Tony Pena for 1B/LF Brandon Allen - GOOD
  • Traded 2B Felipe Lopez for OF Cole Gillespie and RP Roque Mercedes - GOOD
  • Traded RP Jon Rauch for SP Kevin Mulvey - BAD
  • Traded (rental) SP Jon Garland for 2B/SS Tony Abreu - GOOD
  • Traded 1B Ryne White and RP Scott Maine for RP Aaron Heilman - OK
  • Traded SP Max Scherzer and RP Daniel Schlereth for SP Ian Kennedy and SP Edwin Jackson - OK
  • Traded OF Conor Jackson for RP Sam Demel - OK
  • In addition to the trades, there were some key free agent signings and extensions:
    • Extending Eric Byrnes - Josh Byrnes should not be blamed for this; he wanted to let EB go, but was over-ruled by management
    • Extending Brandon Webb - hasn't paid off this year, but was a worthwhile gamble
    • Extending Chris Young - looked bad last year, but looks OK now
    • Extending Justin Upton - GOOD
    • Extending Mark Reynolds - OK
    • Signing Kelly Johnson - GOOD
    • Signing Adam LaRoche - GOOD
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