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2010 Archives http://www.dbacksvenom.com/table/2010-articles/august/ Wed, 23 Aug 2017 02:08:51 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Diamondbacks Clinch First Winning Month of the Season http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-clinch-first-winning-month-of-the-season.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-clinch-first-winning-month-of-the-season.html Month W L ERA March/April 11 12 5.62 May 9 20 6.10 June 11 16 4.29 July 7 18 5.23 August 15 13 3.88 Looking at the pitching a little more closely, the bulk of the improvement has come from the three young members of the starting rotation, Daniel Hudson, Barry Enright, and Ian Kennedy. Here are the ERAs for the starting pitchers in August, along with the team's record in each pitcher's starts.
Pitcher Team Wins Team Losses ERA
D. Hudson 4 2 1.85
B. Enright 4 1 2.05
I. Kennedy 4 1 4.03
J. Saunders 2 4 5.08
R. Lopez 1 5 7.71
The team has played extremely well in the starts by their new "Big 3", winning 12 of their 16 starts. In contrast, the Diamondbacks have lost 4 out of 6 games started by Joe Saunders, and 5 out of 6 games started by Rodrigo Lopez.]]>
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Diamondbacks 1B Paul Goldschmidt wins California League MVP http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-1b-paul-goldschmidt-wins-california-league-mvp.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-1b-paul-goldschmidt-wins-california-league-mvp.html Paul Goldschmidt was named the California League MVP on Friday, as well as the league's Rookie of the Year. Goldschmidt, 22, the Diamondbacks' 8th Round pick in the 2009 draft, is tied for the minor league lead in home runs with 33, and also leads the California League in slugging at .592 and is second in RBI with 96. Goldschmidt has a .305 batting average with a .375 on base percentage, and has also contributed 37 doubles. Against left-handed pitching, Goldschmidt's numbers are even more incredible. He has hit .397 against LHP, and has slugged .824, with 14 HR in only 131 ABs. Unlike 2008, when many felt that Goldschmidt was a product of a friendly home stadium, this year he has hit equally well at both home and on the road: Home: .307/.389/.623, 17 HR Road: .305/.362/.570, 16 HR Joining Goldschmidt on the California League All-Star team is LF Marc Krauss, who hit .308/.372/.519 with 24 HR and 82 RBI for Visalia.]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) August Sat, 28 Aug 2010 04:44:48 +0000 Young Starters Move to Top of Diamondbacks Starting Rotation http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/young-starters-move-to-top-of-diamondbacks-starting-rotation.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/young-starters-move-to-top-of-diamondbacks-starting-rotation.html Daniel Hudson and 24 year old Barry Enright, have moved to the top of the starting rotation. In fact, a ranking of the team's pitchers shows that their quality has been inversely related to their age.
Pitcher Age W L IP ERA WHIP K/9 BB/9 HR/9 FIP
Daniel Hudson 23 3 1 36.2 1.72 0.873 8.8 1.5 1.0 3.12
Barry Enright 24 4 2 59.1 2.73 1.180 5.3 3.0 1.1 4.46
Ian Kennedy 25 7 9 151.0 4.41 1.285 7.6 3.3 1.4 4.76
Joe Saunders 29 7 13 154.2 4.54 1.468 4.9 3.0 1.2 4.78
Rodrigo Lopez 34 5 11 156.2 4.94 1.398 5.1 2.6 1.7 5.38
Although Hudson and Enright have only thrown a combined 96 IP for the season, they have been the two most effective pitchers for the Diamondbacks since they were promoted to the majors. Hudson in particular has been impressive - going at least 7 IP in all five of his starts, and allowing a grand total of 7 ER. Hudson's K/BB ratio of 6.0 is the second best among NL starters, behind only Roy Halladay. Enright has also had very good results, going ten consecutive starts with allowing 3 ER of fewer. However, Enright has only managed to throw 7 IP once in his ten starts.  Also, his peripheral stats are some cause for concern - Enright has only been striking out 5.3K/9, while walking 3.0BB/9, giving him a FIP of 4.46. Pitchers with those kinds of peripherals rarely have an ERA below 3.00, but Enright has managed to pull it off.  How? Enright still has a league-leading 86.4% LOB rate, which means that almost all batters who have managed to reach base did not score. There are always a few pitchers who manage to keep their true ERA below their FIP (Glavine, Buerhle, etc.), but usually those pitchers are ground-ball pitchers who also do a great job of holding runners and fielding their position. A pitcher with a 0.74 GB/FB ratio like Enright usually does not fit this profile.  And even for those rare pitchers who manage to consistently outdo their FIP, Enright's FIP-ERA difference of 1.73 is too large to sustain. The third young member of the Diamondbacks' starting rotation, Ian Kennedy, has been decent overall, with some very good and very bad stretches during the season. His best month was May, when he compiled a 2.45 ERA, while his worst was July, when he shot up to 5.97.  Kennedy's strikeout rates have been very good (7.6K/9), but the walks are still too high (3.3BB/9), and he's still allowing too many home runs (1.4HR/9). After starting his Diamondback career with two excellent starts, Joe Saunders has followed that up with three mediocre ones. He has managed to throw at least 6 innings in each of his five outings, but like Kennedy, has had some trouble with the home run ball (1.67 HR/9 as a Diamondback). No surprises here - this is exactly what to expect from Saunders. He is a durable pitcher who will provide a good number of innings, with an ERA in the mid-4's. The final member of the rotation, 34 year old Rodrigo Lopez, has been steadily fading as the season has progressed. His ERA jumped to 5.65 in July and is up to 6.55 through four starts in August. It wouldn't be too surprising to see some youngsters from AAA take Lopez's slot for a few starts in September. Perhaps Matt Torra, Kevin Mulvey, or Zach Kroenke could get an opportunity, or even a veteran like recently signed Mike Hampton.]]>
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Diamondbacks Spent $4.4M on Signing Bonuses in 2010 Draft (21st out of 30 teams) http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-spent-4-4m-on-signing-bonuses-in-2010-draft-21st-out-of-30-teams.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-spent-4-4m-on-signing-bonuses-in-2010-draft-21st-out-of-30-teams.html compiled the signing bonuses for all 30 MLB teams in the 2010 draft, and the Diamondbacks rank #21 at a total of $4.4M.  The highest totals in 2010 were the Nationals and the Pirates, both around $11.9M, followed by the Blue Jays at $11.5M. This year's signing bonus total is way down from 2009, when the Diamondbacks had seven picks in the first two rounds and spent $9.3M on bonuses to get them all signed. Even if the Diamondbacks had signed first rounder Barret Loux at his projected price of $2M, the team's total would still have been below the league average of $6.49M. Out of the $4.4M spent this year, more than half was spent on the three high school players signed on the deadline day - Ty Linton ($1.25M, 14th Round), Tyler Green (8th, $0.75M), and Blake Perry (6th, $0.5M).  Those three were the only players that signed "over-slot"; the team's other high selections all signed for basically MLB's assigned slot value - J.R. Bradley (2nd, $643K), Robby Rowland (3rd, $395K), Kevin Munson (4th, $243K), Cody Wheeler (5th, $168K), Jeffrey Shields (7th, $150K), Zachary Walters (9th, 97.5K), and Kawika Emsley-Pai (10th, 70K).  The fact that so many players were signed at slot indicates that those players did not have significant leverage, either because they were college players who were ready to leave, or high schoolers without a strong commitment to college.  The two main players who went unsigned besides Loux were 13th Round pick Kevin Ziomek, who decided to attend Vanderbilt, and 23rd Round pick Roberto Padilla, who will go from JC to San Jose State. In both cases, the Diamondbacks were willing to go over slot, but still weren't able to get the signings done.]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) August Fri, 20 Aug 2010 18:33:34 +0000 Minor League Promotions for 2009 Draft Picks Ryan Wheeler and Matt Davidson http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/minor-league-promotions-for-2009-draft-picks-ryan-wheeler-and-matt-davidson.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/minor-league-promotions-for-2009-draft-picks-ryan-wheeler-and-matt-davidson.html Matt Davidson and 5th Rounder Ryan Wheeler. Davidson, the 35th player taken in 2009, moves from South Bend to High A Visalia in the California League, while Wheeler moves from Visalia up to AA Mobile. At age 19, 3B Matt Davidson is the youngest player on the Visalia roster and the 5th youngest in the entire California League.
South Bend MW 475 58 16 79 43 109 .289 .371 .504
Visalia CAL 12 1 0 1 2 2 .300 .417 .300
Davidson showed solid improvement throughout the season, improving his OPS from .770 in June up to .863 in July and finally to .991 in August before his promotion. While he started the year with 21 Ks and only 1 BB, he maintained a 2:1 K/BB ratio over the rest of the season. For what it's worth, Davidson also hit remarkably well with runners on base:
Situation AVG OBP SLG HR
None On .231 .317 .397 4
Runners On .341 .418 .598 12
Ryan Wheeler, 22 and also a 3B, had an outstanding minor league debut in 2009, finishing with a .361/.462/.540 line between Yakima and South Bend. He found the going a little tougher in Visalia, especially in the power department:
Visalia CAL 506 62 9 57 35 98 .282 .338 .402
Mobile SOU 6 3 0 0 1 1 .400 .571 .400
Wheeler had a particularly tough time against LHP, going only .230/.270/.245, while hitting a solid .307/.369/.474 against RHP. However, he hit the ball harder with each passing month, increasing his line drive rate from 5.6% in April up to 16.5% in July and 29.4% in August. ]]>
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MLB awards Diamondbacks a Compensation Pick in 2011 Draft and grants Free Agency to Barret Loux http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/mlb-awards-diamondbacks-a-compensation-pick-in-2011-draft-and-grants-free-agency-to-barret-loux.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/mlb-awards-diamondbacks-a-compensation-pick-in-2011-draft-and-grants-free-agency-to-barret-loux.html Barret Loux, announcing that Major League Baseball has granted free agency to Loux, effective September 1, allowing him to sign with any team, and giving the Diamondbacks a supplemental selection in the 2011 draft. After Loux failed his pre-draft physical, the Diamondbacks reportedly pulled their offer, which could have left Loux in limbo until next year's draft. This solution works out well for all parties - the Diamondbacks are not obligated to sign an injured player, and Loux is free to sign with any team that wants him. The full text of the statement is here: "We have reached an agreement regarding Barret Loux’s status that is mutually beneficial to the parties. Today Commissioner Selig has announced that Loux will become a free agent on September 1. As such, he will be free to sign with any Major League Club at that time. In addition, the Arizona Diamondbacks will receive a Supplemental Selection in the 2011 First-Year Player Draft. The agreement also provides an opportunity for the Commissioner’s Office and the Players Association globally to the address the issues that can arise from questions concerning a drafted player’s health. Given the private nature of the underlying disagreement here, neither party will be making any further public comments about this situation."]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) August Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:25:11 +0000 Diamondbacks Commit $2.5M to bring in Ty Linton, Tyler Green, and Blake Perry http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-commit-2-5m-to-bring-in-ty-linton-tyler-green-and-blake-perry.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-commit-2-5m-to-bring-in-ty-linton-tyler-green-and-blake-perry.html said that Linton will have "have every opportunity to be a middle-of-the-order run producer." Linton was expected to play both baseball and football at the University of North Carolina, and the Diamondbacks needed the seven figure bonus to lure him away from college.  Most scouts viewed Linton as a 3rd round talent, but he dropped to the 14th round because of his signability issues. He will begin his career at Rookie League Mizzoula. The Diamondbacks committed $750K to 8th round pick Tyler Green, pulling him away from a college career at TCU. Green already has a mid-90s fastball and a power curve, finishing his senior year with a 10-1 record, a 0.93 ERA, and 108 strikeouts in 75.2 IP. Like Linton, Green was viewed as around a 3rd round talent, but also slipped due to signability concerns. In addition to his pitching, Green is also an outstanding hitter, finishing last season with a .500 AVG, 11 HR, 46 RBI, and a .925 SLG in 40 games. He was named the Houston Chronicle's Position Player of the Year (#2 Overall Pick Jameson Taillon was the Pitcher of the Year). Green will begin his minor league career at Yakima of the Northwest League. 6th Round pick Blake Perry received a $500K signing bonus from the Diamondbacks to walk away from a college career at the University of Kentucky. Perry is a 6'-5" righthander who already throws in the low 90s, and will join Ty Linton in Missoula. Aside from 1st round pick Barret Loux, the Diamondbacks also did not sign 13th rounder Kevin Ziomek, who will attend Vanderbilt, and 23rd round pick Robert Padilla, who will pitch for San Jose State. Here are the signing bonuses for the Diamondbacks' key selections: 1st - Barrett Loux, RHP - Unsigned 2nd - J.R. Bradley, RHP - $643,500 3rd - Robby Rowland, RHP - $395,000 4th - Kevin Munson, RHP - $243,000 5th - Cody Wheeler, LHP - $168,300 6th - Blake Perry, RHP - $500,000 7th - Jeffrey Shields, RHP - $150,000 8th - Tyler Green, RHP - $750,000 9th - Zachary Walters, SS - $97,500 10th - Kawika Emsley-Pai, C - $70,000 14th - Ty Linton, OF - $1,250,000]]> amitlal@cox.net (Amit Lal) August Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:08:29 +0000 Diamondbacks Move to the Top of NL West Standings, for the Month of August http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-move-to-the-top-of-nl-west-standings-for-the-month-of-august.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/diamondbacks-move-to-the-top-of-nl-west-standings-for-the-month-of-august.html Team W L Pct RS/G RA/G Run Diff Arizona 9 5 .643 5.14 3.79 +19 San Diego 8 5 .615 4.38 3.08 +17 Colorado 6 5 .545 4.27 4.45 -2 San Francisco 7 6 .538 3.77 3.62 +2 LA Dodgers 6 7 .462 4.31 4.00 +4 Not only has the team managed a 9-5 record for the month, but they also lead the division in run differential at +19, and in runs scored per game at 5.14 R/G.  Even the pitching has been quite good in August, allowing only 3.79 runs per game. The Diamondbacks are looking to have their first winning month of the season. So far, their best month has been April, when they finished 11-12, followed by their 11-16 record in June.
Month W L Pct RS/G RA/G Run Diff
April 11 12 .478 5.83 6.00 -4
May 9 20 .310 4.24 6.31 -60
June 11 16 .407 3.89 4.63 -20
July 7 18 .280 4.12 5.76 -41
August 9 5 .643 5.14 3.79 +19
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2010 Diamondbacks Draft Update - Who's Signed, Where are They Playing, and Who's Doing Well? http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/2010-diamondbacks-draft-update-whos-signed-where-are-they-playing-and-whos-doing-well.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/2010-diamondbacks-draft-update-whos-signed-where-are-they-playing-and-whos-doing-well.html Barret Loux failed his physical, and may not be offered a contract unless he can prove he's healthy. Loux has reportedly signed with a Cape Cod League team to prove his arm is OK.  If the Diamondbacks are unable to sign Loux, they should receive a compensation pick in the 2011 draft (Pick #7). It is worth noting that pitcher Chris Sale, who many considered a likely pick for the Diamondbacks, is already pitching in the Major Leagues for the White Sox, who drafted him at Pick #13. Three other top picks who are still unsigned are 6th rounder Blake Perry, 8th rounder Tyler Green, and 13th round pick Kevin Ziomek, all high school pitchers who may choose to attend college.  The Diamondbacks did not draft their first position player until Round 9, and the only top one still unsigned is OF Ty Linton, who is expected to play both football and baseball at North Carolina. Most of the players selected in the 2010 draft are playing either in Rookie League Missoula (Pioneer League) or Low A Yakima (Northwest League). A few of the more advanced college players have started at Class A South Bend (Midwest League) or High A Visalia (California League). So far, none of those teams are off to very good starts:
  • Missoula 18-29
  • Yakima 25-25
  • South Bend 47-62
  • Visalia 56-57
A few players are off to good starts offensively, such as Missoula OF Adam Eaton and Yakima 1B Yazy Arbelo, although both are a little old for their leagues. Among the pitchers, 4th Round pick Kevin Munson (South Bend) and 15th Rounder Michael Bolsinger have started out well. Here is a table that summarizes the signing status and early stats of the Diamondbacks' 2010 draft class: PITCHERS
Round Pitcher Age IP ERA WHIP K/9 BB/9 HR/9
1 Barret Loux Failed Physical; signed with Cape Cod League
2 J.R. Bradley 18 Miss 28.0 7.39 1.929 5.8 3.2 1.6
3 Robbie Rowland 18 Miss 25.0 6.84 1.720 6.5 3.6 1.8
4 Kevin Munson 21 SB 10.1 0.00 0.581 7.8 3.5 0.0
5 Cody Wheeler 20 Yak 3.0 6.00 2.333 12.0 12.0 0.0
6 Blake Perry Unsigned; may attend Univ. of Kentucky
7 Jeffrey Shields 20 Miss 8.2 3.12 1.500 7.3 6.2 0.0
8 Tyler Green Unsigned; may attend TCU
12 Blake Cooper 22 Miss 2.0 0.00 1.000 9.0 4.5 0.0
13 Kevin Ziomek Unsigned; maay attend Vanderbilt
15 Michael Bolsinger 22 Yak 10.2 1.69 0.844 5.1 2.5 0.0
17 Derek Eitel 22 Miss 47.1 4.75 1.521 5.7 4.0 0.4
22 Jeremy Erben 22 Miss 7.1 9.82 1.364 13.5 3.7 3.7
23 Roberto Padilla Unsigned; may attend San Jose State
25 Matthew Talley Unsigned; wants to complete degree at Citadel
28 Keith Hessler Unsigned
29 Chris Floethe Unsigned
30 Ryan Zimmerman Unsigned
32 Greg Robinson 22 Yak 28.2 3.49 1.235 10.2 3.1 0.3
34 Victor Lara 21 Miss 11.2 7.71 2.229 9.3 9.3 1.5
35 Konner Wade Unsigned; may attend Arizona or Cent. Ariz.
41 Michael McGee Unsigned
47 Casey Upperman 19 Yak 17.1 8.31 1.846 6.8 8.3 1.0
48 Kenneth Sigman Unsigned
49 Tad Barton Unsigned
Round Player Age Team PA HR RBI AVG OBP SLG
9 Zach Walters (SS) 20 Yak 191 3 28 .313 .332 .441
10 Kaw. Emsley-Pai (C ) 21 Yak 72 0 6 .143 .239 .175
11 Michael Freeman (SS) 22 Yak 109 0 9 .316 .394 .368
14 Ty Linton Unsigned; may attend UNC
16 Westley Moss (CF) 21 Yak 164 0 12 .225 .321 .275
18 Jimmy Comerota 23 Yak 83 0 4 .200 .317 .243
19 Adam Eaton 21 Miss 196 5 24 .391 .526 .589
20 Michael Hur Signed, but no stats yet
21 Raoul Torres (2B) 22 Yak 131 3 14 .246 .313 .407
24 Stephen Cardullo (SS) 22 Miss 4 0 2 .167 .268 .167
26 Yazy Arbelo (1B) 22 Yak 186 11 42 .293 .366 .573
27 Nick Gallego (SS) 21 Vis 41 0 7 .211 .250 .263
31 Steve Sultzbaugh (CF) Unsigned
33 Andrew Whittington (C ) Injured - contract voided
36 Justin Hilt (OF) 22 Yak 197 2 18 .230 .352 .352
37 Michael Weber (3B) 22 Yak 126 2 14 .257 .323 .363
38 Matt Roberts (C ) Unsigned; may attend North Carolina
39 Garrett Nash (3B) Unsigned
40 Derek Casillas (1B) Unsigned
42 Chris Jarrett (CF) 21 Miss 174 1 19 .219 .322 .351
43 Tom Belza (2B) 20 Yak 89 0 3 .213 .314 .240
44 Eric Groff (3B) 22 Miss 196 6 32 .266 .292 .435
45 Javan Williams (CF) 20 Miss 37 0 1 .206 .270 .235
46 Jorge Flores (SS) Unsigned
50 Trey Ford (3B) Unsigned
Richie Rowland (C) 21 Miss 166 4 25 .336 .373 .456
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Barry Enright leads all starting pitchers in LOB% http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/barry-enright-leads-starters-lob.html http://www.dbacksvenom.com/2010-articles/august/barry-enright-leads-starters-lob.html Barry Enright has now started seven games for the Diamondbacks since being called up from AA Mobile at the end of June, and has allowed 3 ER of fewer in each of his starts.  It's actually even better than that, as Enright has allowed 1 ER twice, 2 ER four times, and 3 ER only once. This consistency actually started while Enright was pitching in Mobile. For the year, Enright has now made 21 starts overall, and has allowed 3 runs or less in 18 of his 21 starts, and only gave up 4 ER in the other three starts.  In addition, Enright has thrown at least 5 IP in all 21 of his starts this year, and at least 6 IP in 16 of his 21 starts. Here is Enright's Earned Run breakdown by start:
ER Allowed Starts
0 2
1 5
2 7
3 4
4 3
5+ 0
The big question is - can Enright continue to pitch this well? There are a few causes for concern. First, Enright has been walking more batters than he should - 3.24BB/9 IP, which is more than double his rate in the minors. Second, his strikeout rate has dropped from 8.0K/9 in AA down to 6.0K/9 in the majors. These two stats, along with his 5 HR allowed in 41 IP, combine to give him a Fielding Independent ERA (FIP) of 4.41. FIP has been shown to be a better predictor of future ERA than actual ERA itself. So how has Enright managed to keep his ERA so low thus far? Enright's Strand Rate is an incredible 87% percent so far - that is, 87% of the baserunners that Enright has allowed have been left on base. This is by far the best value in the majors among starting pitchers. For comparison, here are the LOB rates for some other pitchers:
Pitcher LOB%
Barry Enright 87.0%
Tim Hudson 83.8%
Jeff Niemann 83.7%
Mat Latos 83.2%
Wade LeBlanc 83.1%
Adam Wainwright 82.6%
Roy Halladay 82.3%
Josh Johnson 81.9%
Stephen Strasburg 79.9%
Tim Lincecum 78.9%
Ubaldo Jimenez 77.8%
Matt Cain 77.4%
David Price 77.2%
While Enright's performance at stranding runners has been outstanding so far in 2010, it's unlikely that he will maintain a better rate than every other pitcher in baseball. So it shouldn't be surprising to see his ERA rise through the rest of the year. Even then, if his ERA approaches his FIP value of 4.41, that would still be a fine season for a rookie pitcher making the jump from AA.  It's also quite possible that Enright will bring down his walk rate a little and settle into an ERA in the high 3's or low 4's, which would make Enright an extremely valuable member of the Diamondbacks' starting rotation for this year and the future.]]>
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