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Betting Tips Midway through the 2017 MLB Season | Content

With the new MLB season halfway through, it is no surprising that betting on the outcomes of the individual matches, the American and National Leagues and the World Series is beginning to build momentum. There are different types of bet available for the MLB, but these kinds of bets are known as a future bet – because you are gambling on the outcome of something months ahead. At the moment, the favourites for the National League pennant are the Washington Nationals – with odds of 7/2 – while the LA Angels have odds of 4/1 for the American League. One tip is to consider betting on the same team for the World Series as you bet on for the league, as there will be a lot of crossover.

Another tip when it comes to this kind of future bet is to wait until further into the season before placing your bet, because this will let you see whether the favourites are producing the expected form. If they are you will still get the same odds on them, but if they aren’t, you will avoid expensive mistakes. After all, there are other kinds of MLB bets you can make in the shorter term – such as a money line bet on the winners of individual matches – while you wait to place your future bet.

Equally you can play a baseball themed slots game like Hot Shot at an online casino, while you are waiting, as this game is almost as entertaining as the actual MLB. Hot Shot is a nine pay line, five reel slot which also has both scatter and wild symbols – increasing your chances of securing a payout. The slot uses the backdrop of a baseball green and provides audio accompaniment to your play, including the roar of the crowd if you get a winning reel featuring the scatter symbol (a gold cup), and the sound of ball on baseball bat when you get a normal winning reel. The other reel icons are all baseball related, including pitchers, catchers mitts, and baseball hats – so it’s a great game for anyone who loves America’s national sport.