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A Closer Look at New Class A SS Sean Jamieson | August

The Diamondbacks traded veteran shortstop Stephen Drew to the Oakland A's for Class A shortstop Sean Jamieson. Since returning from last year's ankle injury, Drew has hit .193/.290/.311 in 155 PA, with 2 HR and 12 RBI. Drew has a salary of $7.75M for this year (about $2M remaining for 2012), plus a team option of $10M with a $1.35M buyout. So by trading Drew, the Diamondbacks will save around $3.26M.  Ken Rosenthal has posted that the A's are on the hook for all of this money. The Diamondbacks will now go with a combination of Willie Bloomquist (.720 OPS), Jake Elmore (.742 OPS), and John McDonald (.726 OPS) for the rest of the season.

The player that the Diamondbacks received, 23 year old Sean Jamieson, is not considered much of a prospect. Jamieson was drafted in the 17th Round of the 2011 draft out of Canisius College, and was currently playing for Burlington in the Midwest League. 

2011 22 Vermont A- 316 39 61 3 21 27/5 37 53 .235 .350 .312 0.661
2012 23 Burlington A 540 71 105 10 49 25/5 64 92 .234 .343 .379 0.721

He's shown good speed, with 25 stolen bases in 30 attempts this year, and a little bit of power, with 10 home runs and 25 doubles. The strikeouts are a little high for someone with his limited power, but he has drawn a good number of walks, ranking 4th in the Midwest League with 64. A right-handed batter, he has hit equally well against right-handed (.700 OPS) and left-handed (.698 OPS) pitchers. Defensively, he has been solid at SS, and should be able to stick at the position. 

Jamieson is probably too old to be considered a serious prospect, but he does do some things well - speed, defense, and some power and walks. He's a long shot, but at least he has some skills. As for trading Drew, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Diamondbacks are throwing in the towel for the year. Drew hasn't been playing well anyway, so there won't be a big drop-off going to the Bloomquist/Elmore/McDonald combination. Of course, as Drew gets more playing time, he may start returning to the career .773 OPS hitter with good defense that he was before this season.