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Why the Diamondbacks Moved Joe Saunders Up to Start on Friday | September

The Diamondbacks announced a change in their starting rotation for this weekend's series with the Giants. The original rotation had Josh Collmenter on Friday, followed by Joe Saunders and Ian Kennedy. The problem with this is that if Saunders had pitched on Saturday, he would not have pitched again in the regular season, since the last game is on Wednesday. That means when Game 3 of the playoffs came around on October 4, Saunders would have had 9 days between starts.  By moving Saunders up to Friday, he can start the regular season finale on his usual 4 days rest, and then pitch Game 3 on 5 days rest.

The pitcher who is being affected the most by the switch is Collmenter. By being pushed back to Sunday, he will have 7 days between his last two regular season starts, and then another 9 days until Game 4 of the playoffs. However, the thinking here might be that Collmenter has been shuffled between the rotation and bullpen all season, so he is used to pitching on an irregular schedule. Plus, there is also a chance that Collmenter will get bumped in Game 4 for Kennedy if it is a must-win game.

The final rotation decision was when to start Daniel Hudson. With the current plan to start Hudson on Monday followed by Game 2 on Sunday, he will be going on 5 days rest in each outing. The Diamondbacks could have chosen Hudson to start the finale against the Giants this Sunday on his regular 4 days of rest, but then he would be on 6 days rest for Game 2 of the playoffs. The team opted for the 5/5 split over the 4/6. 

16-Sep Miley Miley
17-Sep Collmenter Collmenter
18-Sep Saunders Saunders
19-Sep Kennedy Kennedy
20-Sep Hudson Hudson
21-Sep Miley Miley
22-Sep OFF OFF
23-Sep Collmenter 5 Saunders 4
24-Sep Saunders 5 Kennedy 4
25-Sep Kennedy 5 Collmenter 7
26-Sep Hudson 5 Hudson 5
27-Sep Miley 5 Miley 5
28-Sep Collmenter 4 Saunders 4
29-Sep OFF OFF
30-Sep OFF OFF
1-Oct Kennedy 5 Kennedy 6
2-Oct Hudson 5 Hudson 5
4-Oct Saunders 9 Saunders 5
5-Oct Collmenter 5 Collmenter 9
7-Oct Kennedy 5 Kennedy 5

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