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Q&A with Jaymes Langrehr of the Brewers Bar about the Diamondbacks-Brewers series | October

Jaymes Langrehr, a writer for the Brewers Bar, answered some questions for us about the Brewers just before the upcoming series.

1) What are your thoughts on the Brewers going with Zack Greinke on 3 days rest for Game 2?
He only threw about 70 pitches in the season finale, so it is possible there won't be much of an effect. Even if it is a short start, the bullpen is strong enough to pick him up if needed.

2) Will the Brewers just use three starters in a Best of 5 series, or will Randy Wolf or Chris Narveson get a start?
Narveson likely won't be making many starts this postseason. I think they could get away with only using three starters this series, but whether or not they do depends on how Greinke feels.

3) The left side of the infield has been a weak link all year, with McGehee and Betancourt. Will the Brewers make a change for the playoffs?
It doesn't seem very likely now, and it's too late to really do anything about it. They best they could do is sprinkle in starts for Jerry Hairston, which would help a little.

4) How do the Brewers' fans feel about the possible departure of Prince Fielder? Is there still a chance he stays?
Fans have known it was coming for awhile, so I don't think there any hard feelings. There's a slim chance he stays, but I don't think it would be all that smart to tie up that much of the payroll into a single player.

5) Is Rickie Weeks back at full strength for the playoffs?
Offensively it's possible. Defensively, he's looked a half step slow and he hasn't been running full speed on the bases. Weeks at 80% is still better than the alternatives, though.

6) Nyjer Morgan is one of the most interesting and controversial players around. How do Brewers' fans feel about him?
Tony Plush is a rockstar in Milwaukee. Trading for him has been a big success on the field, and he finally has a fanbase willing to accept eccentric characters. In the clubhouse, he's kept guys loose and having fun. It seems like the teams that have a problem with him are those set in a traditional mindset (St. Louis, his old team in Washington, etc.).

7) What do you see as the key for the Brewers to win this series?
Avoid defensive gaffes that allow runs to score or extend innings. The starting rotation is very good, but can rack up a high pitch count due to strikeouts. They don't need misplays to further extending innings.

Thanks again to Jaymes Langrehr of the Brewers Bar for the insights.