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FanGraphs ranks the Diamondbacks' Organization #29 out of 30 Teams | March

The FanGraphs website has begun their overall rankings of the 30 organizations in Major League Baseball, and ranked the Arizona Diamondbacks at #29.  The rankings are based on a weighted average of four factors - Present Talent (30%), Future Talent (15%), Financial Resources (30%), and Baseball Operations (25%). Of course these rankings are highly subjective, but it is a little disappointing that the Diamondbacks finished ahead of only the Houston Astros, and dropped all the way down from #16 last year.  Here is how the Diamondbacks finished in each of the four parameters.

Overall - #29
Present Talent - #26
Future Talent - #16
Financial Operations - #27
Baseball Operations - #25

A big reason that the Baseball Operations team ranked so low is due to the change in personnel over the past year - the Diamondbacks have had three different General Managers over the past year, and seem to have had a change in their long-term plans. It is quite possible that after a year with new GM Kevin Towers in place, the Baseball Operations ranking will move up considerably, once a new "system" has been put in place. The other primary factor for the low ranking is the Financial side. The team has cut payroll quite a bit in the past year, including trading away players such as Dan Haren mainly to save money.  The best news is that the team is ranked #16 in future talent, and should build on that ranking as the team's low-level talent begins to advance through the system, and the team adds two top prospects with the #3 and #7 picks in the 2011 June draft.