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Baseball America Releases their Diamondbacks Top 10 Prospects List | January

Today, Baseball America released their list of the Top 10 Prospects in the Arizona Diamondbacks system. As expected, pitcher Jarrod Parker was ranked as the #1 prospect, followed by LHP Tyler Skaggs, 3B Matt Davidson, SS Chris Owings, and LF Marc Krauss.

Their Top 10 is very similar to the rankings posted at D'Backs Venom a few days ago.  All of the players in Top 10 are the same, except that BA likes OF Keon Broxton, while I picked RHP Charles Brewer. Some other small differences:

  • BA has Tyler Skaggs in the #2 spot, while I have Matt Davidson there. I think Davidson's upside is a little higher - he could be a 30 HR, clean-up hitter, while Skaggs projects as more of a #3 starter.
  • BA likes SS Chris Owings a little more than I do. I am still worried about the lack of walks.
  • I rank Bobby Borchering a little higher than BA does.
Player Baseball America D'Backs Venom
RHP Jarrod Parker 1 1
LHP Tyler Skaggs 2 4
3B Matt Davidson 3 2
SS Chris Owings 4 6
LF Marc Krauss 5 5
CF A.J. Pollock 6 8
3B Bobby Borchering 7 3
LHP Wade Miley 8 7
LHP Patrick Corbin 9 10
CF Keon Broxton 10 x
RHP Charles Brewer x 9

Baseball America also listed their projected lineup for 2014:
C Miguel Montero
1B Bobby Borchering
2B Chris Owings
3B Matt Davidson
SS Stephen Drew
LF Marc Krauss
CF Chris Young
RF Justin Upton
SP1 Jarrod Parker
SP2 Tyler Skaggs
SP3 Daniel Hudson
SP4 Ian Kennedy
SP5 Wade Miley
CL Kevin Munson 

It was interesting to see that Kevin Munson was listed as the 2014 closer, but in a subsequent chat, Bill Mitchell of Baseball America stated that they see Munson more as a setup man as a closer. But they had to list someone, and Munson was the best choice currently in the system.