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Diamondbacks Continue to Make Errors on the Bases | August

In the top of 3rd inning in Wednesday's series finale with the Giants, the Diamondbacks had runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs when Willie Bloomquist was picked off at 2nd to end the inning. Right after that, the Giants strung together four straight singles to open up a 4-0 lead and put the game away. Bloomquist's baserunning error may have swung the momentum to the Giants, and more importantly, it continued a disturbing tendency of the D'Backs to give away outs on the bases. The team is noted for being aggressive on the basepaths, but do the Diamondbacks need to ease up a little? Right now, they lead the NL in Caught Stealing, Runners Picked Off, and are third in Outs Made on the Bases. Here are some of the numbers, through games of August 2 (not even including today's mistakes).

Team CS SB%
ARI 41 67%
CIN 36 64%
PIT 36 69%
SFG 32 67%
SDP 31 80%
COL 31 70%
ATL 30 58%
FLA 29 70%
NYM 27 78%
STL 27 59%
LgAvg 27 73%
WSN 25 77%
MIL 22 74%
HOU 20 80%
LAD 19 81%
PHI 17 82%
CHC 16 72%

Leading the way individually with 8 are Bloomquist (11/19) and Chris Young (15/23). The only regulars stealing at over a 75% success rate are Kelly Johnson (11/13, 85%) and Gerardo Parra (7/8, 88%).  A look at the NL Picked Off Standings again shows the Diamondbacks on top:

Team Picked Off
ARI 22
NYM 17
SDP 17
CIN 16
LAD 16
WSN 15
PIT 14
SFG 14
STL 13
LgAvg 13
COL 12
MIL 12
ATL 10
FLA 10
PHI 10

Again, Young leads the team with 6, and Bloomquist has now tied him after Wednesday's game. Finally, a look at Outs on Bases (which does not include Caught Stealing, Pick Offs, or Force Outs) has the Diamondbacks in 3rd Place.

Team Outs on Bases
MIL 57
COL 48
ARI 47
SDP 46
ATL 45
CHC 43
HOU 41
LAD 41
LgAvg 40
STL 40
PIT 39
WSN 37
CIN 35
NYM 34
FLA 32
PHI 30
SFG 28

Leading the team here is Stephen Drew, who has made 8 outs on the bases. Right behind him is Parra with 7 and Young with 6.

Has this aggression on the bases had any positives? Well, the team is doing pretty well in Extra Bases Taken Percentage, which is when the runner goes 2 bases on a single or 3 bases on a double:

Team XBT%
ATL 47%
COL 45%
ARI 43%
STL 43%
SDP 42%
LAD 42%
CIN 42%
PHI 42%
MIL 41%
LgAvg 41%
FLA 41%
SFG 41%
WSN 40%
PIT 39%
NYM 39%
HOU 35%
CHC 33%

Ryan Roberts (69%) and Gerardo Parra (68%) lead the team in this category, while Kelly Johnson is at the bottom at 25% (Not counting Henry Blanco at 0%). And the Diamondbacks rank 4th in Bases Taken, which are bases taken on fly balls, wild pitches, passed balls, balks, and defensive indifference.

Team Bases Taken
NYM 114
SFG 106
CIN 103
ARI 101
HOU 101
PHI 100
MIL 98
SDP 94
CHC 93
COL 93
LgAvg 93
FLA 90
STL 90
LAD 87
WSN 82
PIT 77
ATL 63

Putting it all together, the Diamondbacks' baserunning has been a negative. They do a pretty good job at taking the extra base, but negate that with too many outs (110) from caught stealings, pickoffs, and other outs on the bases, about 30 more than the league average. It probably hasn't cost them much in the standings, but all of those outs on the bases sure can make them frustrating to watch at times.