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A Look at the Trade Record of New GM Kevin Towers | September
After evaluating Interim GM Jerry DiPoto, Dodgers' Assistant GM Logan White, and the Angels' Scouting Director Eddie Bane, the Diamondbacks decided on former Padres' GM Kevin Towers. Towers led the Padres from 1996 to 2009, and directed the club to playoff appearances in 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2006.  Most of the current division-leading Padres team was also assembled  by Towers. During his tenure in San Diego, Towers was known for his ability to assemble a quality pitching staff (especially the bullpen) and for his ability to improve the team through trades. On the negative side, Towers has also been criticized for some poor draft choices over the years.  In this article, we'll take a look at Kevin Towers' trade history  as a GM. Here is a summary of most of the key trades made by the Padres during the Kevin Towers era:
Date Traded Acquired Grade
07/96 BFlorie, MNewfield, RVillone Greg Vaughn, GParent A
11/96 Dustin Hermanson Quilvio Veras B-
12/96 Scott Sanders Sterling Hitchcock B
12/97 SHoff, Derrek Lee, RMedina Kevin Brown B
08/98 Brian Loyd Randy Myers F
12/98 Joey Hamilton CAlmanzar, WWilliams, P.Tucci B-
02/99 Mark Sweeney, Greg Vaughn DJackson, RSanders, JHarris C+
03/99 Andy Sheets, Gus Kennedy Phil Nevin and Keith Volkman A
11/99 Andy Ashby Adam Eaton, Carlton Loewer B-
12/99 W.Joyner, R.Sanders, Q.Veras Bret Boone, Ryan Klesko, JShiell B
03/01 MClement, EOwens, OOrtiz Cesar Crespo and Mark Kotsay B
08/01 Woody Williams Ray Lankford and cash D
07/02 Steve Reed, J.Middlebrook BJones, JReynolds and Jason Bay B
08/03 Jason Bay, OPerez, CStewart Brian Giles C
11/03 Mark Kotsay Terrence Long, Ramon Hernandez B
11/05 Xavier Nady Mike Cameron C
01/06 Adam Eaton, Akinori Otsuka Ad. Gonzalez, TSledge, CYoung A+
05/06 Doug Mirabelli Cla Meredith, Josh Bard A
07/06 Brian Sikorski Mike Adams A
11/06 Josh Barfield ABrown, Kevin Kouzmanoff B
11/06 Jon Adkins, Ben Johnson Heath Bell and Royce Ring A
06/07 Andrew Brown Milton Bradley and cash C
07/07 Scott Linebrink WInman, JThatcher, SGarrison B
07/07 Leo Rosales Scott Hairston C
12/07 David Freese Jim Edmonds C
12/08 Khalil Greene Mark Worrell, Luke Gregerson A
05/09 Jody Gerut Tony Gwynn, Jr. C
07/09 Scott Hairston Ryan Webb B
07/09 Cla Meredith Oscar Salazar C
07/09 Jake Peavy CRichard, APoreda, ARussell B
It's clear that Towers has an outstanding trading record. His most famous trade is the acquisition of 1B Adrian Gonzalez and P Chris Young for pitchers Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka. But going all the way back to 1996, his acquisition of players like Greg Vaughn and Kevin Brown were instrumental in the Padres' first World Series run. Later in his career, his key moves were in the bullpen, acquiring pitchers like Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Mike Adams, and Luke Gregerson for little in return. Over his entire career, there were very few trades that turned out badly for Towers. One was the acquisition of Randy Myers, which was really a Waiver Claim rather than a trade. The Padres put in a Waivers claim on Myers to block him from going to the Braves, only to get stuck with Myers and the $12M left on his contract. Other than that, the only trades that were clearly a negative were sending away Woody Williams for Ray Lankford, and the Jason Bay-Brian Giles deal. Even then, Giles had a few very good seasons for the Padres. Next, we'll take a look at the Padres' drafts under Kevin Towers.