On Wednesday, the Diamondbacks announced the firing of Scouting Director Tom Allison, who has been offered another job within the organization. This move came just after the team announced the hiring of Kevin Towers as General Manager and Jerry DiPoto as Senior Vice President of Scouting and Player Development. Allison had presided over the team's drafts from 2007-2010, which brought in talents such as Jarrod Parker, Barry Enright, and the strong class of 2009. Let's take a more detailed look at the drafts under Tom Allison.

Rnd Pick 2007 Draft Pos Type Drafted From
1 9 Jarrod Parker RHP HS Norwell HS (Ossian IN)
1s 50 Wes Roemer RHP 4Yr Cal State Fullerton
1s 61 Ed Easley C 4Yr Mississippi State Univ.
2 73 Barry Enright RHP 4Yr Pepperdine University
3 103 Reynaldo Navarro SS Puerto Rico BA
4 133 Sean Morgan RHP 4Yr Tulane University
5 163 Tyrell Worthington OF HS South Central HS (NC)
6 193 Scott Maine LHP 4Yr University of Miami
7 223 Bryan Augenstein RHP 4Yr University of Florida
8 253 Taylor Harbin 2B 4Yr Clemson University
9 283 Mark Hallberg SS 4Yr Florida State University
10 313 Evan Frey OF 4Yr University of Missouri
11 343 Josh Ellis RHP 4Yr Wake Forest University
12 373 Bryan Henry RHP 4Yr Florida State University
13 403 Sean Coughlin C 4Yr University of Kentucky
14 433 Bobby LaFromboise LHP 4Yr University of New Mexico
15 463 Josh Collmenter RHP 4Yr Central Michigan Univ.

Overall, the 2007 Draft was not a very good one for the Diamondbacks. First Round pick Jarrod Parker was a good selection, and is expected be a key member of the starting rotation by late 2011. After that, 2nd Round Pick Barry Enright is also expected to be a major league starter, but that's about all from the 2007 draft. The only other players still considered prospects are probably Josh Collmenter, Wes Roemer, Sean Coughlin, and Bryan Augenstein. It is clear that the team made a point of drafting college players in 2007, as 24 out of the first 28 players were from four year colleges. But the only potential star from the entire draft is high schooler Jarrod Parker.

Rnd Pick 2008 Draft Pos Type Drafted from
1 26 Daniel Schlereth LHP 4Yr University of Arizona
1s 43 Wade Miley LHP 4Yr SE Louisiana Univ.
2 73 Bryan Shaw RHP 4Yr Long Beach State
3 104 Kevin Eichhorn RHP HS Aptos HS (CA)
4 138 Ryne White OF 4Yr Purdue University
5 168 Collin Cowgill OF 4Yr University of Kentucky
6 198 Justin Parker SS 4Yr Wright State University
7 228 Miles Reagan RHP HS El Capitan HS (CA)
8 258 Pat McAnaney LHP 4Yr University of Virginia
9 288 Brett Moorehouse RHP JC Indian River CC (FL)
10 318 Danny Hultzen LHP HS St. Albans HS (DC)
11 348 Kyle Greene 3B 4Yr Lewis-Clark College (ID)
12 378 Daniel Webb RHP HS Heath HS (KY)
13 408 Ollie Linton OF 4Yr UC Irvine
14 438 Trevor Harden RHP JC New Mexico JC
15 468 Bobby Stone OF HS Montgomery HS (TX)

The 2008 Draft was also not a very strong one for the Diamondbacks. There is still hope that Wade Miley will be a major league starter, and Bryan Shaw and Kevin Eichhorn still have potential, but this group as a whole is quite weak.

Rnd Pick 2009 Draft Pos Type Drafted from
1 16 Robert Borchering 3B HS Bishop Verot HS (FL)
1 17 Allen Pollock CF 4Yr University of Notre Dame
1s 35 Matt Davidson 3B HS Yucaipa HS (CA)
1s 41 Chris Owings SS HS Gilbert HS (SC)
1s 45 Michael Belfiore LHP 4Yr Boston College
2 60 Eric Smith RHP 4Yr Univ. of Rhode Island
2 64 Marc Krauss LF 4Yr Ohio University
3 95 Keon Broxton 3B JC Santa Fe CC (FL)
4 126 David Nick SS HS Cypress HS (CA)
5 156 Ryan Wheeler 1B 4Yr Loyola Marymount Univ.
6 186 Bradin Hagens RHP JC Merced College (CA)
7 216 Matthew Helm 3B HS Hamilton HS (AZ)
8 246 Paul Goldschmidt 1B 4Yr Texas State University
9 276 Robert Anderson RHP 4Yr University of Oklahoma
10 306 Tyson Van Winkle C 4Yr Gonzaga University
11 336 Richard Allen RHP HS Lyman HS (FL)
12 366 Charles Brewer RHP 4Yr UCLA
13 396 Patrick Schuster LHP HS J W Mitchell HS (FL)
14 426 Brent Greer SS 4Yr Western Carolina Univ.
15 456 David Narodowski SS 4Yr University of Kansas

The 2009 Draft was easily the best of Allison's tenure as Scouting Director. The Diamondbacks had seven picks in the first two rounds, and did an excellent job of rebuilding a very weak farm system. Players such as Matt Davidson, Bobby Borchering, Marc Krauss, Chris Owings, Eric Smith, Paul Goldschmidt, Ryan Wheeler, and Charles Brewer have all had good success in their first two minor league seasons, and many are rated among the Top 20 prospects in their respective leagues (California League, Midwest League).

Rnd Pick 2010 Draft Pos Type Drafted from
1 6 Barret Loux RHP 4Yr Texas A&M University
2 56 James Bradley RHP HS Nitro HS (WV)
3 88 Robert Rowland RHP HS Cloverdale HS (CA)
4 121 Kevin Munson RHP 4Yr James Madison Univ.
5 151 Cody Wheeler LHP 4Yr Coastal Carolina Univ.
6 181 Blake Perry RHP HS The Pendleton School (FL)
7 211 Jeffrey Shields RHP JC Chattahoochee Valley CC
8 241 Tyler Green RHP HS Brazoswood HS (TX)
9 271 Zachary Walters SS 4Yr University of San Diego
10 301 Kawika Emsley-Pai C 4Yr Lewis-Clark State Col. (ID)
11 331 Michael Freeman SS 4Yr Clemson University
12 361 Blake Cooper RHP 4Yr Univ. of South Carolina
13 391 Kevin Ziomek LHP HS Amherst Regional HS (MA)
14 421 Ty Linton CF HS Charlotte Christian (NC)
15 451 Michael Bolsinger RHP 4Yr University of Arkansas

The 2010 Draft will probably not turn out to be one of the Diamondbacks' success stories. Most analysts felt the team over-drafted on the first two selections, Barret Loux and J.R. Bradley, and then Loux ended up not signing with the club due to injury. In Allison's defense, the Loux selection was probably more on Josh Byrnes and Jerry DiPoto than on Allison.  There is definitely a lot of upside in many of the high school pitchers drafted this year, but aside from Kevin Munson, most of this draft class is several years away, at best.

The overall draft record for Tom Allison is not that strong. The only player drafted during the four year stretch from 2007-2010 who is contributing at the major league level right now is SP Barry Enright. Even worse, there aren't any drafted players at the AA or AAA level who are considered among the Top 20 Prospects in their league. What's make this even worse is that the team drafted mostly college players in 2007 and 2008, who should have been able to advance through the minors quickly. In Allison's defense, SP Jarrod Parker does look like an excellent selection, and a few of the drafted players (DSchlereth, RWhite) were involved in trades that brought in major leagues such as Edwin Jackson and Aaron Heilman. And the 2009 draft does look good, but those players are mostly still at the Class A level. Overall, the lack of major league production from these four drafts has been a problem for the Diamondbacks, and was a key factor in Tom Allison's firing.