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Winter Meetings – Diamondbacks and MLB Monday Recap | December
Max Scherzer/Edwin Jackson/Ian Kennedy Trade Rumors The Diamondbacks did not complete any deals on Monday, but were involved in the biggest rumor of the day. The rumored 3-team deal, according to FoxSports.com, would have the D’backs trading away Max Scherzer and two undisclosed prospects, and receiving Edwin Jackson (Tigers) and Ian Kennedy (Yankees). The Tigers would get Max Scherzer, center fielder Austin Jackson (Yankees), and relievers Phil Coke and Michael Dunn, and the Yankees would receive Curtis Granderson and the Diamondbacks’ prospects. Edit: Daniel Schlereth appears to be one prospect in the proposed trade. The proposed deal is reportedly being pushed by the Diamondbacks, and is supposedly stalled because at least one of the teams rejected it. Would this be a good deal for the D’backs? Well, Scherzer is probably the most valuable of the three pitchers, and you hate to be giving up the best player in a trade. Does this trade rumor indicate that the D’backs are not confident that Scherzer can succeed as a starter? It would certainly be better if the Yankees’ pitcher coming back was Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, but Kennedy isn’t bad. Kennedy (25) has struggled in the Majors (6.03 ERA in 59.2 career IP, 43K/37BB), but has pitched well in the minors (AAA: 7-4, 2.14 ERA, 131K/35BB in 126 IP). He missed much of 2009 with an arm injury, but came back late in the year and pitched well in the AFL (28K/5BB/1HR in 29.2 IP). His prospect status has fallen a lot because of his poor showing in the Majors, but I expect him to be a productive major leaguer. Jackson (26) had his best season in 2009, going 13-9 with a 3.62 ERA and 161K/70BB in 214 IP. He’s shown good durability, but is due for a raise as he enters his 4th season (earned $2.2M in 2009). However, he might not be as good as his final stats last year – his FIP was 4.28 and his xFIP was 4.39. Is that a more likely expectation for 2010? Obviously, a lot depends on the quality of prospects involved. I probably wouldn't do a straight trade of Scherzer for Jackson/Kennedy, but I don't think that is a ridiculously one-sided trade - just risky depending on Kennedy's performance. Adding two top prospects along with Scherzer would make it a bad trade, in my opinion. A quick look around the web shows that D'back and Yankee fans are not happy with the proposed trade, while Tiger fans seem OK with it. Anyway, for now, it looks like the trade is dead. Nick Johnson Jayson Stark of ESPN reports that 7 teams showed interest in Johnson, including the D’backs. Johnson would like a multi-year deal, but the D’backs are probably unlikely to go more than 1 or 2 years. Adam Kennedy There were rumors that the D’backs were interested in Kennedy, but it doesn’t seem worth spending a couple of million on a 2B that is not much better than the Abreu/Roberts/Ryal group. Signings C Ivan Rodriguez signs a 2 year, $6M deal with the Nationals. RHP Brad Penny about to sign with the Cardinals for $7.5M plus incentives. Tigers re-sign SS Adam Everett for S1.55M Nationals acquire RP Brian Bruney from the Yankees for a PTBNL. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti signs a contract through 2014. Arbitration Accepting: Rafael Soriano (Braves), Carl Pavano (Twins), Rafael Betancourt (Rockies) Declining: John Lackey (Angels), Adrian Beltre (Mariners), Mike Gonzalz (Braves), Jose Valverde (Astros), Brandon Lyon (Tigers), Fernando Rodney (Tigers), Matt Holliday (Cardinals), Joel Piniero (Cardinals), Mark DeRosa (Cardinals), Justin Duchschere (A’s), Jason Bay (Red Sox) Other Rumors Randy Wolf - Brewers, 3 years? Milton Bradley - trade to Rays? Joel Piniero - looking for 3-4 years Erik Bedard - back to the Orioles? Jason Bay - wants to play for the Mariners?