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Baseball America Ranks the Diamondbacks Prospects | December
Baseball America announced their rankings of the Diamondbacks’ Top 10 prospects this week (really 11, since they added one to replace the traded Daniel Schlereth). Here are their rankings, along with my rankings that I posted last month in parenthesis: 1. Jarrod Parker, RHP (1) 2. Bobby Borchering, 3B (3) 3. A.J. Pollock, CF (7) 4. Brandon Allen, 1B (2) 5. Daniel Schlereth, LHP (4) 6. Chris Owings, SS (12) 7. Mike Belfiore, LHP (10) 8. Marc Krauss, LF (8) 9. Ryan Wheeler, 1B (5) 10. Colin Cowgill, OF (NR) 11. Matt Davidson, 3B (6) The one player that BA rates much higher than me is OF Colin Cowgill, who did not make my Top 21. I think that Cowgill’s defense isn’t good enough for CF, and he doesn’t have enough power for a corner spot. They are also a little down on Brandon Allen, which isn’t surprising after his disappointing showing in the AFL. Their latest comparison is Mike Jacobs – I think that’s too low. Some other comments from their recap and online chat: Leyson Septimo – Mentioned as a possible closer of the future, after 69Ks in 56.2 IP in High-A Visalia; control is still a problem though – also issued 44 walks. Jordan Norberto – 92 mph fastball with late sink; compared to J.C. Romero Josh Collmenter – turned himself into a prospect by throwing all kinds of pitches Roque Mercedes – good chance to be a power arm in the bullpen; scouts have compared him to LaTroy Hawkins Cole Gillespie – not too close to cracking the Top 10, profiling more as platoon or 4th outfielder David Nick – good bat, but needs to improve defense Overall, 7 of the top 10 are from the 2009 draft. That’s a combination of several things – many players graduating from the minor league system over the last few years (Upton, Reynolds, Parra, Montero, CYoung, Scherzer), several players being traded away (Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, Aaron Cunningham, Carlos Quentin), and a couple of fairly weak drafts in 2007 and 2008. As a result, Baseball America ranks the Diamondbacks Minor League system #27 out of 30 teams. I think that the last year has brought in some really high-upside hitters (Allen, Borchering, Wheeler, Krauss, Davidson), and Jarrod Parker is still one of the 10 best arms in the minor leagues, so I would rank the system in the 15-20 range.